Teresa, a software developer at Deloitte Digital in Belfast, has always had a passion for technology. She talks about leaving the North West for Belfast and the opportunities she’s discovered since joining the firm.


After growing up in Crewe, Teresa was keen to explore more of the world when she graduated. “I went to a disadvantaged school and I felt like a career in technology would secure me a better future,” she says. Learning to code came naturally, and she finds the process very creative. “It was either becoming a developer or an artist,” she laughs.

Life in Belfast

When she was offered an opportunity to join Deloitte Digital in Belfast, Teresa didn’t hesitate to say yes, and quickly settled into the city. “It’s totally different to being in England but I love that,” she says. Since joining the team two years ago, her career has gone from strength to strength. Her current role as a backend developer is very “hands on” and involves working with one of the leading multinational banks on transforming their tool for financial management. She’s also worked with the xLab to prove how new solutions are providing value, and introduce new technologies to both clients and Deloitte employees. “Modcam was one of the tools we experienced,” she says. “They are essentially smart cameras that can track people to provide businesses with data-driven insight, which can be used to improve the environments people are working in or shopping at.” But for Teresa, the best thing about her job is being able to create a product of your own. “It’s really rewarding to be able to see exactly what you’ve built after it’s come to life.”

Personal support

Teresa has found Deloitte inclusive from day one. Walking in as a new graduate was a bit scary, but she found the people extremely friendly and considerate. “We always have great craic together. They also made sure I wasn’t too stressed out when I started the role, and I’ve been able to learn at a pace that feels right for me.” In addition to getting support with her career, she’s sought help for personal situations. When her father passed away during the pandemic, her team rallied around her to offer the support she needed. “I was able to travel back to Hong Kong to see family. It was such a sad and challenging time, but the people at Deloitte made the process easier for me. They did everything they could to help.”

Next steps

Teresa has already begun to give back, by attending regular recruitment events in Belfast. She’s keen to show people what’s on offer at the firm, and encourage others to start a career with Deloitte. “Consulting is so diverse and you get to try so many different things. You won’t be doing one thing here,” she says. “Deloitte is committed to training and development and I’m currently being supported to get my Java 11 certificate.” Although Teresa is currently happy exploring Belfast, she hasn’t ruled out future secondments. One of the things she loves about working at Deloitte is the constant opportunity to try new things and explore her talents. “At the moment I’m keen to gain new skills here, but it’s definitely something I’ll consider in future. You pick up so much working in different regions of the world.”


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