Sarah has been working with Deloitte for more than a decade and recently joined the Deloitte Ventures team in London from Chicago. She talks about her latest role helping the firm and our clients to innovate.

Sarah Huey 3

You work in Deloitte Ventures, how would you describe it?

Deloitte Ventures is an exciting and entrepreneurial part of the firm – the home of our product and engineering teams, as well as our venture incubators and studios, which are dedicated to exploring new and disruptive technology. It’s filled with creative problem solvers, doers and makers with diverse skills and job specialisms – all focused on driving change to enable growth within our own business, and for our clients.

What does your role involve?

I’ve recently joined Deloitte Ventures from Deloitte in the US, where I was working in FinTech and product strategy. I’m currently working as a Senior Venture Lead, and as part of this role I co-lead the Ventures incubator within the Consulting part of our business. My team helps Deloitte Consulting incubate and scale new businesses and explore new disruptive technologies. Working with our external ecosystems and alliances and experts from across Deloitte Ventures (UX designers and product managers through to engineers and marketing), we help turn ideas into tangible client-ready solutions. We work on helping define the future and building new offerings that make a real impact to some of the world’s leading organisations – from helping solve supply chain bottle necks through to accelerating digital transformation for Banks.

What would you say is the biggest challenge you face?

I think the biggest challenge for my team and I is being able to channel the number of new innovative ideas we receive from our Consulting business. Working with them to help prioritise, test and then develop the ideas into tangible solutions that will benefit Deloitte and our clients can be tough due to the volume of ideas. Luckily the firm is very entrepreneurial, with a strong focus on growth and collaboration. We are always striving for the next game changing solution to solve our clients’ biggest problems.

How have you grown since joining Deloitte?

I feel like growth is a daily constant for me. Over the years I’ve worked on dozens of projects all over the world solving different types of problems for clients. The breadth of exposure across different sectors has really opened my eyes and helped me learn to how to tackle complex challenges.  I’ve gained great experience working in several different industries, which helped me find what I’m passionate about, and I now focus on Financial Services. I have enjoyed building a career at Deloitte, one reason being that  I’m constantly challenged in new and interesting ways. I’ve always had a rule that if I don’t feel like I am being stretched in my role, then it’s time for me to move to the next. Due to the size of our firm and the number of opportunities available, there’s always been an exciting challenge or opportunity to take on next. I’ve also stayed at Deloitte for such a long time because of the people. I’ve been surrounded by great managers and colleagues over the years who’ve invested in my career and helped me grow.

What’s the last thing you read that got you really fired up?

If I had to pick a single book that has had a big impact on me, it would be ‘Detonate: Why and How Corporations Must Blow Up Best Practices (and bring a beginner’s mind) To Survive’ by Geoff Tuff. A theme from the book that really resonated with me was to not to accept the common statement, “because that’s how we’ve always done it.” For me this is important for innovation focused roles and reminds me to constantly challenge myself and the teams I work with. My advice on challenging the status quo is to think about the initial minimum viable move that you need to take to help bring others on your journey.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Since moving to the UK, I’ve loved spending time outdoors, especially playing tennis and gardening. Living in London has made me realise the importance of green spaces and, surprisingly, there are lots here. A favourite pastime of mine during the last 12 months has been exploring different London parks with my 10-year old golden retriever ‘Cody’. Richmond Park is our favourite, but Regent’s Park is a top contender.

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