Adam’s technical and communication skills have developed enormously since he’s been here – he puts it down to the autonomy and great support he gets.



Can you tell us a bit about what you do? What do you love about it?  

I work in Consulting in the cloud infrastructure and engineering team and am based in Belfast. The way I describe my job to friends and family is that I solve problems for clients through the use of technology. What this means I actually do falls within a huge range of activities, from gathering information from our clients so we can understand what problem they are facing, to architecting a solution using cloud technology and supporting them to build and implement it.  

The main thing I love about my job is the freedom and autonomy we are given. It shows a level of trust from our managers who allow us to take ownership of specific pieces of work and have a real impact on projects and their outcome. There is a real sense of being able to shape your own career here at Deloitte, which is great.  

Do you feel well supported whilst you learn on the job?  

Yes I definitely do. I will often be completing work that I’ve never done before, such as using unfamiliar tools, or working with new people and clients. You have to adapt quickly and understand the value you are adding to the client as well as what you in particular will be owning.  

I feel very well supported in this, we all do. You’re always surrounded by a team who are either going through the same process or have already been through it. There is a wealth of experience and knowledge across the firm that you can draw on and all colleagues, from analyst to partner, are always willing to help. 

How have you developed in the time you’ve been here?  

Over the past two years my professional skills have grown significantly. Both the technical skills such as basic coding, risk assessments, project management and network assessments, and also my soft skills such as presenting to groups of people, communicating my point and learning to listen more to others. Both of these sets of skills are hugely important in the role of a consultant in working alongside our clients. 

And what about your wellbeing? What does Deloitte do to support that?  

Deloitte is fantastic at supporting it’s employees’ wellbeing and mental health. I think this has especially been the case with the numerous lockdowns we’ve experienced and the shift to working from home.  

It’s understood that it’s not an easy change for anyone. There has been a lot of active engagement with everyone to gauge how we’re coping with Covid and to find out what support we need. 

We’ve had numerous online social activities, Zoom quizzes, coffee catch-ups and team wide calls. There is a real sense that we are free to voice any issue and concerns and that Deloitte will listen and take action. This feeling of inclusion and openness has been invaluable over the past year.

Interested in a career at Deloitte? Explore our opportunities within Consulting here.


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