Nadia tells us about a firm that has always encouraged its people to work their way, make a difference, connect and include others.

Nadia SQ

How does Deloitte foster inclusion?

The firm fosters an agile working culture and, unlike most firms that were forced into agile working due to Covid, at Deloitte this has always been the case. I had been working from home a few days a week since joining the firm, as this worked with my childcare commitments. We also have a large number of diversity networks, which means there’s a place for everyone to connect with others, be themselves and express themselves.

Are you part of these networks or any other groups?

Yes, a few, including the Deloitte Black Network. I’m also involved with our Five Million Futures social impact campaign, Deloitte Women’s Network, Junior SteerCo, Multicultural Network Book Club, Deloitte Working Families. I regularly take part in volunteering activities, which range from being a school governor to mentoring young women from disadvantaged areas in London. That gives me a real sense of purpose. Outside work, I enjoy team activities, such as fundraising through sports. My team and I were scheduled to do Tough Mudder together, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to Covid.

Did you have any misconceptions before joining Deloitte?

I thought you needed to be a ‘qualified’ accountant, or be studying towards an accounting qualification, to work at Deloitte. I left university with a law degree and found my skills very transferrable. I work with a range of people who have no university qualifications, some with degrees in the arts or sciences, others with just industry experience, as well as new joiners who have no work experience at all. This is what makes working at Deloitte fantastic; you never know who you’ll meet and what experience you’ll get. Just as the work life is varied, so are the people that work here.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love the variety of work I get to do. No two clients are ever the same. I love learning new processes and seeing how they work in relation to laws and regulations. I especially love meeting clients and individuals from various walks of life. 

And the most challenging?

That it’s ever-changing work is a challenge, of course; learning new client processes and procedures in the short time you’re on a project. But I find this exciting, as I just love to learn new things in general and I’ve always been an inquisitive person.

How have you grown here?

Being exposed to people from various backgrounds has allowed me to learn and grow from others, as well as to share my own experiences. I’m now more comfortable speaking to senior stakeholders and with public speaking, thanks to the many courses and meetings I’ve been privileged to be a part of. This has also led me to become a facilitator and help someone else gain their self-confidence. I joined the firm as a Senior Associate over three years ago. Since then, I’ve been promoted twice and I can say that hard work is rewarded at Deloitte.

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