Being surrounded by great people who are always happy to offer their support is giving Meredyth the confidence to realise her potential.

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What brought you to Deloitte?

I knew I wanted to work for one of the Big Four and I got offered a role here and at one of the other firms too. But, if you haven’t already guessed, I chose Deloitte. Why? Because the people I came into contact with during the process were genuinely nice. Once I joined, I saw there were so many opportunities to learn and grow within your first year. At Deloitte, you get so much support, not just from your team, but from the company too. They want you to succeed and to feel prepared.

How does Deloitte support its people?

Deloitte cares about you and wants to help you look after yourself. There is definitely more of a focus these days on employers when it comes to mental health. At Deloitte, this is not just a case of ticking boxes and sticking up some posters; they truly believe in nurturing your wellbeing and health. We have multiple networks we can join, which are dedicated to wellbeing; I always feel supported.

Can you give us an example?

I actually had an exam in December. It was on a Monday and I’d forgotten to book the Friday off to give myself all weekend to revise. I asked my manager last minute, and she instantly said it was fine. Everybody understands the importance of these exams, and they want you to succeed. The support you get is just amazing. 

How have you changed since you joined Deloitte?

I’ve definitely grown professionally since joining. I’m much more confident in speaking to people I’ve never met before. At the beginning, I found speaking to clients daunting. Now, it’s like second nature. 

What do you like most about working here?

Definitely the work we produce and the culture we have created in the office. We have brilliant socials and our clients are amazing; it makes coming into work ten times better. For a quarter of the year, I work with a client whose site is close to my home, which is handy. They are lovely people who are really easy to talk to and keen to collaborate. They have great lunch options too!


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