Since joining Deloitte in February as a Cloud Network Manager, Twinkle has gone from strength to strength, representing a growing number of women in the Technology industry.

Twinkle (2)

Tell us about your journey. What made you pursue a role in technology at Deloitte?

Coming from a long line of engineers, and after completing a Computer Science and Engineering degree at MDU (Maharshi Dayanand University), a career in technology/engineering seemed like the obvious choice for me. I worked in India and the US before coming to the UK. The experiences of 3 different countries have given me a solid and substantial foundation in the technology industry, allowing me to succeed in my current cloud engineering role.

While in London, I met with a friend near the iconic London Bridge, who told me about some potential opportunities within Deloitte. I quickly learned about (and was impressed by) the core values held by the firm, and was drawn in by the learning and development opportunities that could help me to grow – both personally and professionally.

How have you developed since joining Deloitte? Have their been any challenges?

I have more than ten years’ experience leading the technical delivery aspects of a broad portfolio of cloud capabilities, which span numerous industries. Since joining Deloitte, I’ve developed my skills to ensure that we’re best positioned to help our clients address their most complex business challenges, while executing their end-to-end infrastructure connectivity. This has been especially challenging due to the exponential rise in remote working. My role now focuses on helping clients to solve and manage complex business problems with technology in new and innovative ways, and to achieve this, strong relationships built on trust are key – with my team, and my clients.

Has Deloitte met your expectations? Did anything surprise you?

Being a new hire with little knowledge of the company, I was surprised to learn that we have so many capabilities in our portfolio. Sometimes the main challenge is knowing where to begin!

It’s not all PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets either. On my current project, I’ve been hands on with cloud transformation involving software defined networks, infrastructure development and security planning. It’s been a great learning experience and I’ve had the opportunity to see the value that cloud can bring to an ambitious and forward-thinking business.

Another thing that has surprised me is that Deloitte spends a lot of time getting to know its people – their personal interests, their passions and their career motivation. This helps to encourage and engage employees, developing skills, loyalty and long-term success.

What do you find most exciting about your industry?

First and foremost, I’d say I’m excited about the steady but significant rise in women working in technology related industries. Even though the national average is still only 17%, being a part of the solution is exciting. It’s empowering to be a woman in cloud engineering and bring a different perspective to a project. The diversity of my team enables collaboration between different backgrounds, demographics and experiences.

It’s worth mentioning that not all cloud related roles are explicitly technical. A variety of skills are needed to build industry relationships and address other challenges, such as the constantly evolving infrastructure, and legacy data centre challenges. Authenticity, creativity, leadership skills and a great attitude are also invaluable attributes to have.

Has Deloitte helped you to develop your leadership skills? What makes a great leader?

For me, leadership is about planting a seed and then enabling people to share their own ambitious ideas. Every team member should have the opportunity to discover, grow, develop new skills and then share their learnings with others. In my opinion, a great leader is someone that can nurture others to achieve their full potential. Collaboration really is key.

How do you unwind in your free time?

Being a techie, I’m passionate about learning new technologies but aside from that, I like outdoor sports and spending time at the gym. I also love to read about space and am a huge science fiction fan! Lastly, coming from India, I love long, scenic road trips with good company.

Could a career in Technology be right for you too? Explore your opportunities at Deloitte here.


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