Since joining Deloitte, Tolu has seen herself grow to become a Black, LGBTQ+, female technology leader who she feels represents the future of the firm.

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What made you want to join Deloitte?

I was drawn to Deloitte because I wanted to work for a fast-paced larger tech organisation, somewhere that welcomed younger generations and people looking to progress.  Deloitte has all of these qualities in abundance.

I’d also heard about the Women in Leadership programme at Deloitte and how vocal they were about the importance of equality and inclusion. It was really important for me to join an organisation that genuinely focused on people and the unique value they bring, somewhere I could truly be myself and feel seen. Again, Deloitte has that in abundance.

And wellbeing, how does Deloitte support you there?

I’m connected into several networks here including Women in Tech, and the Black and LGBTQ+ diversity networks. I’ve gained so many positive relationships through this, I think that really shows why supportive networks, such as these, are particularly important for someone young, black, female and straddling multiple minority groups.

Can you tell us a bit more about how that is for you in the work place?

As someone who is part of multiple minority groups (or intersectionality as it’s known) I feel it’s really important to support others in similar situations. I’m the Intersectionality Lead for GLOBE, Deloitte UK’s LGBTQ+ Network. This involves leading our network strategy and organizing multiple events on the topic of intersectionality. Through these events – which many people from across the firm attend – we aim to educate people about intersectionality in the workplace and encourage them to be an intersectional ally.

Since joining Deloitte, I have seen myself grow into a Black, LGBTQ+, Female technology leader who I feel represents the future of our firm.  Personally I’ve spoken at numerous events about the Black experience in the UK, representing my multiple intersections as a Black lesbian role model working in the technology sector. I’ve also featured as a guest on Pride Diaries, a podcast exploring the lives and experiences of Nigerian LGBTQ+ folx.  I’ve also been a panelist at an Out At Work session for Lesbian Visibility Week discussing being your authentic self while at work as a Black LGBTQ+ person.

Was there anything you worried about before joining, and how was that in reality?

I wasn’t sure I’d fit into my perception of what the Deloitte culture was. There was quite a lot to get my head around when I joined, but my colleagues were so supportive, sharing their experiences and helping me find what I needed.  Support now comes from my peers, and I’ve even had messages of support from our CEO for being recognised on the 2020 OUTstanding Future Leaders list. 

In reality, all of my concerns melted away as soon as I began to realise that the things I thought could be my biggest weaknesses are actually my greatest strengths.

What advice would you give someone who’s applying for a role here?

During the application process, and once you join, make sure you bring your point of view and don’t doubt your value. Everyone brings a unique set of circumstances forward to each situation and every single one is valuable. Deloitte understands that one size doesn’t fit all - and that’s one of the reasons why it’s forefront in so many leading sectors; it recognizes the value of diversity within the workforce.

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