Nitin’s home office might not be the sci-fi set his family like to believe, but he really does work on out-there technology projects. He tells us why he loves his job in our Salesforce team.

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How do you describe your job to friends and family?

My friends and family think I sit behind a computer and in meetings all the time. They call my home office a space station, as they think my work chair is like something from the TV series ‘Star Trek’. I define myself as a puzzle solver, who helps business process implementation using technology. Examples include CRM solutions, such as call centre applications, online communities, and chatbots – all solutions that make an impact on the end-user’s life.

Do you enjoy your job?

I love my job; I like helping people and every project is unique and needs continuous innovation from our end. Deloitte gives me an opportunity to work on challenging projects and new concepts. I also get to mentor junior people and make an impact on their professional life.

What does the future look like for your industry? 

If we’re talking a year’s time, I think there will be a greater focus on moving CRM systems to the cloud, development based on the ‘point and click’ approach and industry specific solution development. In five years, Artificial Intelligence will be used more prominently in business processes and data mining.

How did you come to join Deloitte?

I relocated from India, having previously worked with Deloitte USI in Hyderabad, as I wanted to be a global citizen and collaborate with people from all different cultures. Deloitte UK offered the perfect opportunity for me to do this. Joining Deloitte is an opportunity to work with the best professionals in the field, who strive for excellence and focus on high quality.

What did your application process involve? Any advice for others?

I had an initial discussion with the hiring manager, followed by two rounds of interviews with a senior manager and partner. During the entire hiring process, I was kept well informed. My advice is to stick to the basics in your interview. It’s good to recognise that you don’t know everything, so don't try to fake it. This way you can control the flow of the interview. The critical point is an attitude for learning; technologies and business needs keep on evolving all the time.

How have you progressed since you joined?

I’ve been promoted to Manager, as a result of good performance. I joined as a Senior Consultant and a Salesforce Business Analyst. Over the years, I’ve realised my knack for technology and have slowly moved over to the role of a Salesforce Technical Architect.  

During my time here, I’ve learned to mentor others and the importance of professional networking. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can use the power of other people’s experience to learn and reduce time to ‘go live’ in most projects.

And what formal learning opportunities are offered?

We have subscriptions to Udemy, LinkedIn and so on for self-learning. For professional growth, we have Deloitte University. Deloitte encourages us to study on various certified programmes. For Salesforce learning, we organise bootcamps for juniors. We have different forums, such as a Certified Technical Architect (CTA) group and various Salesforce Engineering groups for collaboration.

Since joining, I have increased my knowledge on Heroku (Platform as a service), Microservices architecture, CPQ implementation, and Einstein Analytics. I am currently working towards my Salesforce CTA certificate.

How is your wellbeing supported, particularly during this pandemic?

We have various virtual sessions, like yoga, foundry meetings, project parties, and so on, which help us keep in touch with other team members. Remote working is a culture that has always been supported by Deloitte, even before COVID-19, so we’ve been able to transition smoothly to home working.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I do like to keep myself up-to-date about the industry; I spend about 30 minutes every day learning new things about Salesforce on YouTube, LinkedIn and so on. I also like to cycle and run; I go for long runs with my wife every weekend.

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