Audrey had no idea that moving to the UK on secondment would have such an impact on her life. She shares her story.


You’ve been with Deloitte for twenty years this year, that’s amazing!

I have. I started in Deloitte France in 2001 and then came to Deloitte UK on a secondment in 2005. After being here for two years I decided to stay because of the quality and seniority of client relationships I was exposed to, and also because I met my husband whilst working on a client engagement.

What made you want to join Deloitte all those years ago?

There were lots of reasons; the variety of work, the diversity and quality of the people I would be working with, opportunity for growth and personal development. I joined when I was young and inexperienced so the exposure I knew I’d get to senior clients as well the opportunity to be heard and taken seriously even though I was junior was particularly motivating.

What would you say gives you a sense of purpose in your work?

I’m currently working on supporting my clients with their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and innovation agenda. I feel like I’m playing my part in helping to look after our planet which gives me a great sense of purpose. 

I also get a lot of fulfillment from the internal charity work I’m involved with. For example I’ve mentored leaders of small businesses in the UK, and I’m currently supporting a team who are providing pro bono advice to a charity, helping them expand their footprint in the UK and find new ways to raise funds. Recently I took part in the NESTA (an innovation foundation) Rapid Recovery Challenge as an assessor. NESTA were seeking to fund scalable ways of giving vulnerable workers better access to jobs and financial help in the wake of Covid-19. My role was to assess the innovative ideas they received in response to the challenge to help the judges make their decisions about how the funding was best spent.

Agile working is something Deloitte is a big advocate of, do you work flexibly?

Yes. I’ve been working four days per week since coming back from maternity leave several years ago. This gives me the opportunity to spend time with my children, or do my Pilates workout in a studio. Also, during lockdown when the children have been off, I had to homeschool my children in the morning and work afternoons and evenings instead. Both my client and teams have been very supportive during that time and made it easy for me to work “shifted” hours.

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