Coming from a diverse background, being free to be himself at work was a top priority for Berman.

Berman (2)

Before joining Deloitte did you have any pre-conceptions about what it was going to be like, and how has that been in reality?

I joined as a grad and was definitely expecting a completely different working environment to the one I found when I started. I was a little intimidated by a large corporate giant such as Deloitte, probably due to the portrayal of these types of organisations in the media. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and welcoming the culture is in reality and how helpful all the people are.

Any advice for someone going through the application process?

Be your authentic self. That may sound like a bit of a cliché but I personally found that it really worked.  It is easy to think of an application process as another exam or assessment but in reality, it is a two-way conversation - you are deciding whether this the right place for you to work as much as Deloitte are finding out more about you.  Thinking this way will really help change your perspective and hopefully give you more confidence.

Would you describe Deloitte as inclusive? For example, do you feel you can really be yourself at work?

Yes to both of those! I definitely feel like Deloitte is an inclusive place to work. Coming from a diverse background myself I really do appreciate an employer who allows me to be myself freely at work. I am a member of various diversity networks here including the multicultural network where I am able to learn more about people’s backgrounds, as well as share my own cultural experiences. I also really appreciate the opportunities I have to help organize various external and internal events focusing on inclusion, not just multicultural but also Women and the LGBTQ+ community.

I think the best thing about working in my particular team is that we all come from different professional and educational backgrounds, but we’re able to all come together and use our different skillset to problem solve. Our differences add the biggest value.

How do you describe what your team does?

I say that we are business problem solvers. In other words, if a client has any problems with one of their business functions, for example it’s inefficient or has high costs, we will be there to analyze the problem and implement a solution. We are in Human Capital Consulting, so we focus on any people-related issues our client may have. For example, one of my projects focused on helping our client restructure their entire recruitment and talent acquisition function to ensure they hire the best people for their business.

I find that being able to see the direct impact our work makes for the client really gives me a sense a purpose.  I also think it’s a really exciting time to work in this business area – the way we all work is changing rapidly and a lot of the organisations I work with, particularly in the Private and Financial Services sectors, are aspiring to be at the forefront of that.

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