As Director of Alliance and Business Development, Michelle Roberts has a leading role in Deloitte’s Cloud Practice which is transforming the way businesses interact with technology.


What was it about Deloitte that interested you?

Working for an organisation with such strong values, combined with the chance to make an impact in some of the world’s most interesting businesses were key factors in my decision to join Deloitte. Also, the opportunity to be part of the journey to build the ‘Cloud Practice’ was very exciting. The authenticity of our people and the collaborative nature of our business has led us to be the global number one in cloud and professional managed services – something that I am very proud to lead and be a part of.

Can you explain what you do?

Working in cloud technologies can sound quite complex to those who do not have a technology background, especially given the fact that it spans all industries. Fundamentally, I lead our alliance relationship and go to market strategy with Amazon Web Services in the UK including development of our practice. My overall objective is to grow this area of the business so my focus is on the training, development, propositions within the practice and ultimately driving our position in the market with AWS.

Tell us about the main highlights of your job?

I love the fact that I am at the heart of one of the key growth strategies for Deloitte. I am able to both learn and grow, but also see the value that I bring to the organisation. I am part of an amazing team with a great deal of autonomy. I have been absolutely blown away by the expertise of my colleagues in specific domains/industries, and the collective and diverse talent  that I get to work with every day – who are encouraged to focus on their specific passion to drive innovation across the business.

My job has also opened up other opportunities for me to provide guidance to others and be a role model. I lead our Women in Cloud Community and our AWS virtual community. Our ambition is to launch these networks externally in conjunction with other organisations I am involved in. I am passionate about being an inspirational role model for young people wishing to pursue a career in technology.

What exciting things are going on in your industry right now?

I could give a perspective per industry but what is the same across all industries, is that organisations are starting to see that Cloud is not just a technology platform, but a vehicle to transform business processes and operations. Most organisations now have their digital platforms or online presence in the cloud, and a key area for many businesses at present is migrating legacy and critical business systems. It will be interesting to see how individual companies and specific industries modernise their businesses through their use of cloud. I think we will see a lot of diversity as well as organisations creating more product/services and developing or delivering themselves. There is also so much potential for collaboration between industries, competitors and clients.

Do you have a proudest moment since joining Deloitte?

I’d have to say that Deloitte’s reaction to Covid-19 on an organisational level has been exceptional. As well as the company wide support, the individual actions of my team and colleagues have been extremely impressive while we all learn to adapt and work differently.

Do you consider yourself a good leader?

There are all kinds of great approaches to leadership. In my opinion it’s all about authenticity and genuinely caring about your people and objectives. Leadership is about bringing the best teams together and supporting them to embrace opportunities or solve problems. It is also about being there with your team, taking the risks or responsibility needed and making decisions for the good of the team as a whole.

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