Making a meaningful impact is what Deloitte is all about. Not just for our clients, but for our people and the wider community too. Our belief in giving back is the reason we offer all of our people 3.5 hours every month to volunteer. A career here means you get to make an impact in a way that’s truly personal to you.

Over the past few weeks, six of our volunteers from across the firm have shared their experiences. We hope you find them inspiring. We certainly did.

Today, we hear from Lee.


Remember the last time you helped someone out and it gave you a warm glow? According to Lee, a Manager in our Clients & Industries team, that's what volunteering feels like. She should know - after being at the firm for 25 years, she's a long-time volunteer. It runs in her family too.

My parents volunteer and my sister is the chair of Breast Cancer UK in her spare time - I don't know if you're necessarily born to do this, but it's something that feels part of me. Since joining Deloitte, I've had lots of volunteering opportunities. For one charity, we redesigned their shop and helped them with researching the market and pricing. Touching people's lives is very rewarding but, personally, you get even more from it because you know you've made a real difference.

It's like giving a hug, isn't it? A big virtual hug.

Develop your skills

I work with our Aberdeen office charity, Aberdeen Foyer, which helps people towards independent living and learning. I'm part of the relationship team, organising behind the scenes to help make our partnership a success. Every month, we spend two or three hours discussing what we can do to help the charity.

Volunteering through Deloitte's 5 Million Futures initiative can help you expand your own skills, possibly beyond the level you're currently at. For example, you might take part in mock interviews with young people before you've reached the point in your career where you would interview candidates. It really can broaden your experience in so many ways.

We can all make time

We're allocated 3.5 volunteering hours every month for a reason - the firm wants us to get involved.

If you're having doubts, the benefits will far outweigh them. You already have what it takes and it's important to share your skills with people who haven't had the same experiences in life. This is about using those skills to make an impact that matters. And besides, it makes you feel good.

Join us and make your own impact. Explore your opportunities here.


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