Who’d have thought a career in Tax would lead to working with Team GB on the Tokyo 2020 games? Having worked at Deloitte for nine years, Simon’s secondment to the British Olympic Association was out of his comfort zone.

Simon Scourfield7612

You usually work in Tax, this secondment to the BOA is quite a change. Can you tell us about that?

It was such an incredible experience, one I doubt I would have got working somewhere else. Deloitte is amazing from that perspective; so many different clients and opportunities.

My usual role is in Global Employer Services within the Tax service line, so my secondment at the BOA was definitely out of my comfort zone. It’s certainly not something that you would normally associate with Tax! However, the skills I have developed at Deloitte during my nine years here - such as lateral thinking, working in teams, dealing with pressurised situations - all lent themselves well to this role ensuring that I was able to make a success of it.

How did you settle in to such a different role?

Coming from a sporting background, I was able to quickly fit in with the team and gain an understanding of what the Commercial Director was hoping to achieve with the project I was working on. I quickly integrated myself with the BOA and their wider team. I was constantly inspired by the people that I met and the messages and life experiences that they had to share. It felt like quite a privilege to hear all of these ‘behind the scenes’ stories.

Once I had a full understanding of how the BOA operated, having conversations with Partners and selling the proposition we had developed was the easy bit as it was such a powerful and inspiring message to deliver.

What was the proposition you developed?

It was a new commercial proposition called Team GB Works. It expands on the work that Team GB does with performance athletes by leveraging that into a commercial proposition that helps their International Olympic Committee and domestic partners engage with their employees in a number of different ways.

It’s been really successful. The three pillars of Team GB Works - Team Talks (The Business of Winning), Team Edge (Release your Potential) and Team Goals (Be Your Best Self) - have successfully evolved into a standalone commercial offering  with a healthy pipeline of projects which are helping to generate additional funding for Team GB in the run up to the Tokyo 2020 Games. Each of the pillars focuses on different aspects of employee engagement, which range from an employee’s performance and development (for example, half day courses on how to coach high performing teams) to improving the health and wellbeing of an organisations employees (for example, delivering articles on the importance of getting eight hours of sleep for your health).

Sounds really interesting. What was your role?

Along with the Director of Strategic Planning and Research I was responsible for designing the proposition, implementing a route to market approach, developing a commercial price model and leading on partner pitches.

So, what next?

As a result of my secondment I have been looking at how we can improve employee engagement within Deloitte. I am currently working with the Talent teams to see if we can leverage what Team GB does here.

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