The opportunity to bring his visual analytics skills and huge interest in sport together made working with the British Olympic Association (BOA) a dream come true for Phil.


Can you tell us a bit about working with the BOA?

As part of Deloitte’s Analytics and Cognitive team I’ve spent much of my career using Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics and visualisations to deliver insight across all sorts of public interest projects. Working with the BOA and therefore being able to combine my skills with one of my biggest passions has to be the highlight though. What an amazing opportunity!

There were so many interesting questions analytics could help answer for the BOA, such as how can you best develop comprehensive delegate plans when you have a slowly evolving view of who is actually going? How can you analyse and track readiness for the games? How can you optimise accommodation plans, or kit orders, or allocation of accreditations when athletes or their support are not yet confirmed, nor the exact length of stay?

So where did you start?

We worked collaboratively with the BOA and went through several phases. For example, establishing what we were going to focus on, what data we wanted to collate and analyse, how we’d deliver that information, and what it would look like visually.

We developed and implemented ‘proof of concepts’ to track and analyse readiness for the Olympics on an organisational and individual level. Next, we developed a data solution that joined up plans across teams, visualised planning bottlenecks and inconsistencies, and provided an interactive way to track people’s movements during the Games.

What was your role?

Our ultimate aim as a team was to provide the BOA with actionable insight using analytical and interactive visualisations, as well as to deliver a proof-of-concept tool that enabled Team GB to report data remotely during the actual games in Tokyo. My role centered on developing and delivering the analytics vision and leading the Visual Analytics team.

And what’s your biggest take-away do you think?

I’ve always had a huge appreciation for the training and dedication embodied by Team GB Olympians. What I also have now is a huge appreciation for the immense effort and dedication the BOA put in to preparing for the Olympic Games.

What have you enjoyed most?

All of it! If I had to pick one thing though I’d say it’s that the BOA has a really collaborative and friendly ethos and I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside their many teams – whether it was collaborating to solve complex problems, learning from their vast experience, hearing real-life Olympic stories or having a game of rounders in the park after work to celebrate a year until Tokyo 2020. It feels like a real privilege to be involved behind the scenes like this, and to help make one of the world’s most celebrated events as successful as it can be for Team GB.

What would you tell someone considering a career at Deloitte?

With such a range of projects, industries and subject matter, the hardest question is often what to focus on. Our firm provides a massive amount of support, from career guidance and wellbeing, to buddies, to learning and development. But it’s always the knowledge, experience and friendly, collaborative approach of the team that helps you succeed and enjoy work.

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