Our Legal team collaborate with pioneering start-ups and help students realise their technology ideas.


Collaboration, innovation and developing talent is what we’re all about at Deloitte. Our Legal team is paving the way for people to bring new tech to the mainstream, supporting UK businesses, as well as helping new talent develop their ideas.

How? By working with pioneering tech start-ups, who are developing revolutionary products for the legal profession, and by mentoring PhD students.

14 tech start-ups were initially selected for our Legal Ventures Programme, from a shortlist of 400. While 50 Deloitte mentors across our firm are currently helping twelve student teams apply their tech talents to real-world business challenges, using technologies such as Blockchain and AI.

Working closely with the 14 start-ups, our people have provided detailed feedback on their products and services, along with access to consulting, technology, legal and investment expertise from across our firm. As a result of the programme, clients are actively submitting ambitious innovation challenges they’d like us to solve in 2021.

We want to keep on delivering ‘the future of law today’, so the next logical step is supporting the next generation of start-ups. All over the UK, digitally-native students are a hotbed of new ideas with the potential to bring even more innovative solutions. Recognising this, we began collaborating with Conception X, a venture builder that empowers students from the UK’s leading PhD programmes to create tech start-up enterprises.

We talked to Deloitte Legal managing partner, Michael Castle, innovation and ventures lead Laura Bygrave, and Dr Riam Kanso, chief executive officer of Conception X, about these exciting initiatives.

“New technologies have revolutionised a number of industries in recent years, but so far the legal sector has lagged behind,” said Michael. “We believe our approach to developing legal technology will redefine the way legal services will be delivered in the future. By helping lawyers to resolve complex problems in shorter timeframes, new technology is enabling lawyers to do more for less.”

“Collaborating with pioneering companies offers the best of both worlds,” continued Michael.

“We can all learn together while supporting innovative ideas and driving them forward.”

“Taking the Ventures premise a step further” explains Laura, “we’re also supporting talent at the earliest possible stage, exploring technology solutions to the unknown legal problems of tomorrow.”

Dr Riam Kanso, added: “By engaging with early stage deep technology, created by talented PhD students, industry leaders like Deloitte are at the forefront of shaping the future of their industry. They are already looking at the world 5-10 years from now, gathering insight on the products and services that will be part of our economy and society. This is the future, and we're excited to be riding the wave together.”

View our Annual Report here and discover the many other ways we’ve made an impact in 2020.

Ready to help us shape the future? Explore careers at Deloitte here.


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