We all know training is essential to Olympic success. But how does data make a difference to Team GB athletes? BrightStart Apprentice Matt’s here to explain.

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You’ve been helping the BOA prepare for Tokyo 2020; what does that involve?

I’m part of a team that’s designing end-to-end data capture for the BOA. We then analyse and visualise the resulting planning and operations data, ahead of the Games.

Can you tell us more about the project? Why is data important?

As you can probably imagine, BOA has a huge amount of data, generated from their planning and management of Team GB at the Olympic Games, which in turn generates all kinds of questions about how to plan the optimal Games. Ultimately, our project is about making sure BOA is able to use all the data and analytics to make informed decisions.

My team first worked on improving accuracy, efficiency and confidence in the data. We were then able to produce analytical visualisations across numerous topics and BOA teams. For example, we could show a delegate’s entire Games journey, evaluate operational readiness, or look at accommodation planning and budgeting. All of which enables BOA to start at a high level and drill down into essential statistics.

And what’s your specific role in the project?

My work has changed throughout. At first, I designed and integrated the data capture spreadsheets, from which I developed final dashboards. Later, I worked on developing a ‘proof of concept’ that showed how Team GB could access data from their mobiles and tablets as they move around Tokyo. This was great fun, as I got to delve into the detail of taking a team to the Olympics.

Have you had much direct interaction with BOA clients?

Yes. I’ve had many opportunities to present directly to clients, and to structure and run training sessions (first with and then without support). The encouragement from the BOA team has given me more practice than I could have asked for! The BOA is a fantastic, collaborative working environment.

What do you feel you’ve gained from working with Team GB?

Working with Team GB has been a fantastic experience. And one that I didn’t think I’d get so soon after joining Deloitte. There are so many highly-motivated and supportive individuals who make the Games possible. It’s been great to work alongside them on such an exciting project.

The level of client interaction, and the autonomy I’ve been allowed, have had a significantly positive impact on me in my professional and personal life. I have greater confidence in myself and have improved my presentation and technical skills. It’s been an incredible way to begin my career.

What would you tell someone considering a career at Deloitte?

Deloitte is very collaborative and everyone’s opinions are valued, regardless of your background, experience or grade. As a BrightStart, I've been able to make my own impact in helping the team deliver a comprehensive solution. Deloitte provides a huge amount of support, from technical training to mental health and wellbeing, and you can be confident that the team around you will help you to thrive.

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