We invited Team GB to join us for a coffee. From Tokyo hopefuls to Olympic veterans, elite athletes were randomly matched with our Deloitte Coffee Club members for a virtual chat to bring us together during lockdown. We found out how they got on.

Team GB Coffee Club

The Deloitte Coffee Club was created during the first UK lockdown, to help our people stay connected in a fun and informal way. It’s an opportunity to meet new people from across the firm. And this is the first time we’ve invited an external organisation to join us.

Despite coming from two different worlds, our matches hit it off and discovered many things in common. From sharing career advice and giving swimming tips to discovering mutual friends and simply having a great conversation, we've heard nothing but good things.

Here are some snippets of our great match stories.

When Will met Stewart

“Learning a bit more about working at Deloitte was fantastic. For me, as an athlete in transition, it was particularly useful and I hope my experiences were valuable too. I have come away with a new contact and some solid advice. “

Stewart Innes

“We instantly connected as I used to be a rugby player and know the demands a sporting career can have. We talked about how uncertain and short sports careers can be and that athletes always need to be thinking ahead and be more entrepreneurial about their abilities. It was inspiring to see the drive and motivation Stewart has, despite it having been a really tough year.”

Will Fletcher

When Roland met Eddie

“It was great to speak with Eddie. I was very interested in hearing about his background living in Birmingham and Malawi. Plus finding out he also enjoys swimming. I was more than happy to give swimming tips for Eddie and to help teach his daughter to swim.”

Roland Lee

“I loved speaking with Roland and have full respect for him having competed in three Olympics, two World and European Championships and winning two Commonwealth Games medals - while also working as an Army reserve! He has a coaching role there and gave me some really useful advice about strengthening your mindset - something athletes always do to perform at their best.”

Eddie Zimba
Risk Advisory

When Lisa met Chris

“I really enjoyed the experience of meeting someone outside of sport who excels at what they do. I loved hearing how Lisa approaches her work and how she is following her own passion. I will definitely be using her advice in sport!”

Chris Bowers
Canoe Slalom

“We had a great chat about keeping focus and staying motivated. Despite being from two different worlds, we found synergies in many places. We both felt it’s important to love what you do - even if it means not following what people view as the normal path. I was also inspired by how focused Chris is on his long-term goals - with his sights set on the Paris Olympics in five years. I can definitely learn from that too.”

Lisa Bryant
Clients & Industries

When Seyna met Oliver

“I was really interested to hear the work Seyna is doing in the Deloitte Partner Programme - which helps their most experienced partners think ahead and prepare for when they eventually retire. It sounded very thoughtful and a great initiative. It was also great to chat with Seyna's son, he's a very sporty all-rounder, slightly putting me to shame with the range of activities he is already excelling in!”

Oliver Cook

“I got to learn about Oliver’s intense training schedule, how the GB rowing team gets selected and the different categories of Olympic rowing. It was great to have a break from the usual Deloitte Zoom calls and wonderful to chat to someone at the top of their game [literally] in a totally different field.”

Seyna Goka
Partner Matters

Deloitte has been working with the British Olympic Association (BOA) and Team GB since before London 2012. Most recently, we’ve helped Team GB to collaborate and stay emotionally connected through 2020, so their focus can remain on Tokyo.

And whilst we all eagerly await that, the Deloitte Coffee Club is still going strong, helping to bring our people together every week!

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