Ashwin’s in his element as a software consultant in our Gi3 Tax team. He gets to play with the latest cool tech and take time out for gaming.


What do you do?

I’m a software consultant in the Gi3 team, which means I get to learn about all the cool tech, from the machine learning behind the voice assistants we use every day to the CGI technology that makes it possible to realistically animate our favourite super hero characters in movies.

We work with a huge range of clients, from small startups with fewer than 50 employees to Big Five tech giants, and everything in between. It’s an awesome experience to see and understand the technical strategies of each of these companies. I love that I get a chance to explore the trends and how they evolve, year on year.

What’s the purpose of your team?

When I explain it to friends and family I say “We help tech companies get back some of the money they spend on research and development activities”.

The fact that our efforts enable tech companies to invest continually in R&D, which is key to our future, definitely gives me a sense of purpose. Especially when we hear from small companies about how cash inflows from R&D claims drove their R&D strategies; encouraging them to do more challenging technical work.

How did you come to join the Reading Gi3 team?

I previously worked with Deloitte in Hyderabad, India and I was given the opportunity to relocate to the UK. I was apprehensive about applying at first, as mine was a more complex ‘out of country’ application. But, the team was very helpful in terms of scheduling interviews, communicating with me through the entire process in detail, and supporting me with my visa and onboarding.

What’s your proudest moment so far?

Being promoted in my very first year at Deloitte. It definitely made me feel that the firm is keen to reward hard work and effort.

How are you finding working from home?

I’m a gamer and I do take short gaming breaks between meetings and working on deliverables, as it helps me focus better. Our managers are always super supportive of such flexibility. Agile working is at the core of Deloitte’s culture and there’s an increased focus on ‘making your day work for you’, so it’s only going to get better.

How are your managers helping with your wellbeing?

My team and manager have always been very approachable; we discuss things candidly and they’re pretty proactive in identifying potential frustrations or pain-points that could lead to increased stress. They always come up with ways of take the edge off and help me stay focused and mentally healthy.

Deloitte is one of the best examples of empathetic leadership. Our management are very people-focused and make sure we feel valued and cared about, while also encouraging us to do the right thing, and providing every opportunity to help us grow professionally.

One thing you miss about the office?

Our Tech hub is one of the coolest initiatives in the Reading office. It’s like a mini hackerspace, where you have the latest and the best computer hardware, single board computers, 3D printers, microcontrollers etc. for you to explore and see how creative you can get.

What’s next for your industry?

I’m excited by the possibilities of using machine learning for signal processing and how we use technology to support collaborative working in a post-COVID world. I think the pandemic has given companies a whole new perspective on business contingency to think about. In the short-term, there will definitely be an increased focus on making workspaces more resilient, using technology to make work environments more agile.

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