Lucy began her career as a BrightStart Apprentice and quickly found her passion.

Lucy Rollinson

Why start your career at Deloitte?

I found Deloitte’s BrightStart apprenticeship programme while researching various different career options. It struck me as a unique opportunity, because every day seemed to be different. I felt starting out on this programme would allow me to experience lots of different industries, clients and projects and find what I really enjoyed. This has been true of my experience so far, and it’s the main reason I love my job.

Where did you go from there?

I quickly discovered an interest in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and have focused my career in this area. I’ve been working with this technology since the start, when it was first introduced into businesses and many clients were trialling or getting a taste for what it could do. Fast-forward four years and I now work with many clients to deliver large-scale automation transformation programmes. It’s really exciting to see how RPA has grown and how it’s moving quickly towards more intelligent solutions, such as Artificial Intelligence – an area I’m excited to be involved in.

As an automation business analyst, I engage with senior client stakeholders to communicate the potential for automation and identify new opportunities for them to use the technology. I work on a daily basis with technical development teams and business process experts to take a project from design, through development and testing to “go-live”. And I often work with many different developers and subject matter experts at a time.

Talk us through the highlights of a typical week.

Obviously, things are a little different now, with the pandemic to contend with. But, a typical week used to start with travelling either to a client site, or into London if I was working on an internal project. So far, I have been across the UK delivering client work, including summers in Cambridge. Punting on the river was a highlight there. I also worked for a few weeks in India, delivering business analyst training for my client’s team. This experience is my career highlight. The team spanned several different nationalities and that created a real buzz and a fantastic dynamic for the week of training.

What’s your favourite part?

For me, “go-live” is the most exciting time on a project as this is when end users finally get to see the benefits of automation. Hearing their praise, and relief that they no longer need to do all the manual processes makes the challenging weeks in development and testing all worth it. I really enjoy this role as I get to witness, first-hand, how automation benefits our client’s businesses, by delivering better service to customers and improved job satisfaction for their employees.

Can you sum up your career at Deloitte?

My career at Deloitte is brilliant! I’ve been able to work with, and be supported by, fantastic teams and individuals, which makes the job fun and rewarding. I would definitely recommend the programme to anyone interested in gaining experience in a flexible environment, where there are always opportunities to learn and grow in new, challenging and stretching roles.

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