‘It’s a place that nurtures your personal development, and really pushes you to do the best job that you can.’ 

Louise Delbridge

Is innovation encouraged at Deloitte?  

Absolutely. Innovation is the tone from the top. There is an understanding that innovative ideas may not work, but Deloitte are fully supportive of exploring them. We’re encouraged to bring new ideas to the table and whilst some don’t work practically, some do; it’s worth taking the time to find out.

People see audit as ‘ticking the box’, whereas at Deloitte we are challenging our approach by developing analytics and systems that take care of the admin tasks. We work with many specialist teams within Analytics who take standard data and ‘slice and dice’ to produce some very interesting observations on a clients’ business. Innovation is enabling us to help our clients on both a deeper and more strategic level.

What do you enjoy most about your job?  

I love the client experience. Getting to know the ins and outs of a business is interesting to me, seeing the end-to-end process and developing the audit plan. Showing a client how much you understand their business, and bringing a fresh perspective into that by giving them insights on how they could improve is invaluable. You manage to get into that detail here.

Probably the most exciting project I’ve been involved in is being part of a first year multinational, complex, dual listed group audit team. The group is one of our largest UK clients: a global, complex business. To work through a two-year transition from their existing auditors to us delivering a first year audit on time was very satisfying and rewarding. We received great feedback from the client on our fresh approach, and we supported each other as a team throughout the audit.

Did you having any pre-conceptions about working here, and were they correct? 

Before I joined I believed that, although Deloitte would be a place of great opportunity, it may be somewhere where you were ‘pigeon holed’ into one specialism. I was definitely wrong about that. Since I’ve been here I’ve expanded my knowledge across so many new areas which has been great both professionally and for my own personal achievements.

I also anticipated that it may be a bit cut-throat, but it’s totally not. It’s a place that nurtures your personal development, and really pushes you to do the best job that you can. Every engagement team feels like a family and there’s a really strong, supportive culture.

Interested in a future at Deloitte? Explore your opportunities within Audit & Assurance here.


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