We sat down with Harry to discuss his career, wellbeing and why Birmingham is so special to him…

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What attracted you to Deloitte in the first place?

A friend of mine from sixth form works in the Audit department. He recommended Deloitte to me when I was looking for post A-level options rather than going to university. We talked about his role, the variety of work you’re given and the people you’ll work with. It seemed like the perfect environment to work in.

What was the application process like for you?

I found that the online simulations can be challenging. I’d recommend leaving enough time to complete them, especially in an environment that you can concentrate in – don’t forget to take notes and think practically too. I found that the interview was more personality orientated, they want to see that you’re friendly, hard working and have a genuine interest in what you do. You shouldn’t worry about saying something wrong, just voice your opinion and show your best qualities and skills.

When you talk about work with your friends and family, how do you explain it?

In Risk Advisory, we assist clients in either highlighting risks or mitigating them in their business controls and strategy. I love helping clients make their business processes as efficient as possible and being able to see the visible difference Deloitte has made.

What was the last thing you read about Risk Advisory that really got you fired up?

I was reading articles surrounding environmental change, and it got me really excited and intrigued to see how we as a business can help our clients with these ever-growing issues. It’s something that I’m very interested to get involved in.

Are there a lot of challenges in Risk Advisory?

I don’t think there are many, but the biggest I find is learning how to act around clients in certain situations. The work we do is very people orientated, so it’s important to portray yourself in the best light, especially when you’re meeting with clients. Being able to react in certain situations and converse with clients is an important part. When you first start, you’re trained to handle this and you never meet a client alone or hold meetings by yourself – there’s always someone more senior there with you.

Do you think Deloitte helps support mental wellbeing?

I’m a part of the WellNow team in Birmingham, so I work very closely with people in Deloitte who experience stress regularly. It’s teams such as this that really give people the confidence to speak up about their issues. In the Birmingham office, we’re very open and honest about our own mental wellbeing. I think this is partly because our leadership are aware of the growing conversation around mental health and want to offer their support.

Finally, do you think you’ve grown since joining Deloitte?

I definitely think so. I’ve become more open about my mental wellbeing which has helped me massively. In a professional sense, I’ve learned and developed numerous skills, both conversational and technical.

Interested in a career in Risk Advisory? Find out more.


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