When Covid-19 hit, we suddenly found ourselves working from home. While there are obvious benefits – no commute and snacks on tap – many of us miss the personal connections. So how do you keep that going in our new virtual-working-world?

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Stopping by someone’s desk to say hello, catching up over lunch, brainstorming ideas in a breakout area. That’s how we roll at Deloitte; we’re a friendly bunch and collaboration is at the heart of what we do. But, if you can no longer have a quick coffee with a colleague, what can you do? How about having a quick coffee with a random selection of them!

The virtual Coffee Club was dreamt up by our colleagues in the Communications team. The idea was simple – help us stay connected in a fun and informal way, where we can meet new people from across the firm and learn more about the business.

Every week, we match our colleagues at random and invite them to have a virtual coffee together. Even Richard Houston, our CEO, has taken part – and loved it. The team have also shared ‘match stories’, to encourage even more to join. In the first two months alone, over 1,500 people signed up – that’s a lot of chats (and coffee).

The Coffee Club is part of our Wellbeing Movement, a UK-wide virtual timetable of activities, from yoga classes to pet therapy. These activities are updated weekly to help us all look after our health and wellbeing. It’s been such a success in the UK, that Deloitte firms in Belgium, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland have all set up their own coffee clubs too.

Want to join us? Explore life at Deloitte.


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