Jade knew that joining a global company would offer far-reaching opportunities. But she’s amazed by the variety, scope and support that she’s experienced so far at Deloitte.

Case Study - Jade 2

What’s surprised you about working here?

There’s something new every day. I was aware I’d have the chance to work with global clients, but I never imagined how varied and interesting life would be here. Originally, I thought I’d work with just one team, based in one location, but the reality is, I’m encouraged to work with teams across the business on multiple projects. This gives me more opportunities to learn, develop and grow than I ever thought possible.

What skills have you developed since joining?

I’ve been on such a steep and well-structured learning curve. It started with a 5-week training course led by lecturers from Royal Holloway London, who taught us the fundamentals of cyber and network security. This was followed by the opportunity to complete the CIISEc qualification. This takes two years and helps to consolidate the skills we’re learning in our everyday roles. There are so many opportunities for us to apply our newfound knowledge to our work with clients.

How is your team leading the way in your field of work?

Cyber security is very fast moving, but my team are experts at helping clients overcome the ever-changing challenges they face. For example, we had a client that had a virus spread across their network — reaching more than 120 countries. We worked with this client to rebuild the entire technology estate in five weeks. As a result of this successful collaboration, we’ve continued to work with them to transform their approach to cyber security. I’m fortunate to be part of a team that gets to work on such innovative and rewarding projects.

Do you have any advice for someone who’s thinking of applying?

Deloitte is a big name within the professional services industry. So, if you’re applying to join the Graduate Programme, you need to be confident and show your strengths. When I applied, I made sure to use my past experiences to evidence my skills and abilities. Even if you think some of your experience is small or unrelated, it could still highlight transferable skills that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

Explore more about Cyber at Deloitte: https://fal.cn/39Z6g


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