Being part of such a supportive and friendly community in Manchester has helped Jas excel in the office and in her exams.

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What excites you most about working in Actuarial?

I really like the idea of helping businesses and people respond to important challenges like climate change. By working in Actuarial for Deloitte I can explore how new approaches to risk can help everyone react to environmental issues. This means I get to put my problem-solving skills to work on something meaningful. It feels good to know that I’m involved in important projects that affect the world we live in today.

I feel that my work can really have an impact here. After reading recently that insurance losses from Storm Ciara could add up to over £1.5bn, I could really see the increasing importance of modelling and predicting risk accurately, so companies can prepare themselves for these terrible scenarios.

I’ve also read lately, that 50% of people don’t actually know the value of their pension, which is something people should be made more aware of. It’s inspiring to be able to play a role in leading positive change at an organisation as influential as Deloitte.

How do you overcome the challenges you face in your role?

Being part of such a friendly and inclusive environment means that there’s always someone there to help when you need it. It doesn’t matter how experienced or senior they are, people are willing to go out of their way to help you and give you the support to face all kinds of challenges.

I’ve also been assigned a study mentor too. It’s great to have someone to turn to if I need any advice with work or study. I’ve found the resources and tutorials I’ve received to be a huge help in preparing for exams, as are the study days I’ve been given to work towards my qualifications. The support here allows me to balance my academic and professional life.

Why do you feel that Deloitte has such a supportive environment?

Deloitte does a lot to promote a friendly and inclusive community. You can see how much the business values inclusivity as soon as you step into our office, we’ve got people from a variety of countries, cultures, ages, genders and skill sets.

I like to think I’m doing my bit too. I’m part of the Multi-Cultural Network as well as the Deloitte Female Network, which both host many events for us all to get together, share advice and listen to empowering and inspiring speakers.

What do you like about your office in particular?

I think it’s a hugely exciting time to be a part of the Manchester office because Deloitte is looking to expand its presence in the North of the country. We’ve got so many large clients on our doorstep, each with their own exciting opportunities, and being based here gives me the chance to get involved with them.

We’re such a close-knit team in Manchester. There’s lots of people working in different roles but we all come together to support one another. As a group, we make a lot of effort to host team socials and activities, so we’re always getting to know each other better and building stronger working relationships.

Personally, I find that being so close to the people I work with encourages me to be myself. And it also means there’s a very impressive bank of knowledge to draw upon whenever I need to.

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