Having worked as a first responder in the Middle-East, Montine is no stranger to risk. Her unusual life-experience prepared her for the exciting challenges she faces in her day job as an Associate Director in Quality and Risk Management.

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When did you join Deloitte and what is your role within the company?

In January 2015 I joined the Risk Advisory practice, focusing on security, crisis management and business continuity. During my first year I worked with the UK Tax Business, documenting their Business Continuity Plans. It was a fascinating experience working with such a diverse population, including Tax Partners and their and teams across the UK and in India.

When I was offered the opportunity to move into the Tax Practice and work with the Head of Risk and the Chief Operating Officer, I knew it was an opportunity not to be missed. Four years ago, I’d never have imagined using my risk-security-crisis management skills in a tax environment, yet this is an example of the variety that’s on offer at Deloitte. We face new challenges on a daily basis, be it GDPR, Brexit or developing new and unusual scenarios to make business continuity real.

What made you pursue a career in your field?

Before starting my degree in International Relations I spent my gap year in the Middle East as an emergency first responder. The incidents I responded to, including terrorist alerts wearing a bullet-proof vest, gave me a sense of risk in real life. I later moved to New York City and worked at the United Nations discussing nuclear disarmament with the likes of Hilary Clinton. After this, I returned to the UK for my Masters, had my work published and joined the London Resilience Team for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. These combined experiences led perfectly into an EMEA role in intelligence, security and crisis management. I worked for a global bank responding to African uprisings and helping employees operate in dangerous environments. This in turn led me into professional services, where I could put my life-experience to work helping clients.

What do you like best about working for Deloitte?

The diversity! I thoroughly enjoy the opportunities and the people I engage with. These experiences enrich my working day immensely. No two days are the same in Tax Quality. Every day throws up a new challenge, a new risk to assess and a new plan to develop. I also appreciate the learning opportunities at Deloitte, whether it’s formal training or learning from my colleagues. In my team especially, everyone has different backgrounds, different life experiences, and different ways of looking at the same challenge. This leads to a rich learning environment, where I feel challenged and supported in equal measure.

Seeing how brilliantly our employees and operations have developed and expanded, especially in our delivery centres, is remarkable. Even as a small cog in a very big wheel, our work in Tax Quality has an impact.

What were last year’s top 4 moments of your personal/professional life over the past two years?

I planned a destination wedding to avoid grandparents having to travel. We had a long engagement so that my dad could walk me down the aisle after receiving the UK’s first altruistic kidney donation from a complete stranger.

In my professional life, with the support of my team and the backing of Chief Operating Officers and Partners, I achieved promotion to Associate Director. This happened just a year after making Manager and with just a few weeks of preparation for my assessment board. Hearing my Partner say I had “knocked it out the park” is something I will always remember.

At the same time, I did a lot of travelling last year, across Europe and India. Seeing our work have an impact globally is incredibly rewarding.

And finally, working through the challenges of GDPR as a team, and making this often dry subject interesting, was in itself an achievement.

What have been your key motivations over the last few years and has your creativity helped you overcome challenges at work?

I’m a ‘closer’ by nature. I enjoy problem-solving and delivering a practical response. I don’t like to leave tasks unfinished or projects undelivered.

My motivation drivers have me constantly thinking: Does this benefit the business? Does this benefit the team? And is there a learning opportunity in this either for me personally or for others?

These three things bring out my sense of creativity. I try to make the mundane interesting and bring our business on a journey, occasionally using Jenga blocks to explain resilience!

Take a chance on a successful career in Quality and Risk Management.



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