Variety is the spice of life in Human Capital. Delivering huge, successful events and driving innovation with other creative like-minds are just some of the on-the-job perks enjoyed by Managers Mehul and Sophia. See how they’re thriving in Human Capital.

Mehul & Sofia

Mehul Bakrania’s story

What are you responsible for in your role?

In the past few years, I have worked on large-scale public-sector transformation programmes in Business Change and Engagement roles.  My sweet spot is the world of policing and the huge changes that are taking place in this space in response to ever more complex crime patterns. It is a hugely fascinating area to work in where two days are never the same!  The S&J account is always on the lookout for people looking to expand their Imagine, Deliver and Run capabilities.

What’s a typical day like for you?

Regular check-ins with the team, both Deloitte and client, making sure we are on track to deliver against weekly objectives as well as making sure that I take a step back to ensure that the team is fully supported to perform at their best and that we are not solely focusing on our project/programme but are looking at other related programmes, especially when these have Deloitte teams working with them.  If I don’t have any scheduled exercise that day, I make sure I take a 20-minute walk at lunchtime.   

What was your most memorable moment on the job so far?

In 2014, a small but perfectly-formed Deloitte team delivered 18 half-day events for the Met Police over 9 days for over 8000 officers and staff.  Although there was considerable planning involved, this engagement is the one that I am proudest of to date. 

Why would you recommend Deloitte to someone?

The calibre of our people across generations and teams is truly astounding, coupled with the variety of work that we do.  Add in a funky, new, tech-enabled building…that’s an unbeatable combination!

Sophia Chee’s story

What are you responsible for in your role?

Leading the Change and Communications workstream on a large Finance Transformation programme for a renowned British aerospace manufacturing organisation, based in Derby. I am responsible for helping the Finance employees be ready and able to adapt to new ways of working. 

What’s a typical day like for you

I commute to Derby every Monday morning. A typical day for me would include attending meetings with key stakeholders such as my client counterpart and programme director. I would draft communications, prepare stakeholder packs, review training documents, run a change network meeting and write up our status reports. I see my role as helping the business understand the impacts from the finance programme, guide them along the change journey and prepare them to transition to the new ways of working. Ultimately, this will help deliver the benefits of an efficient and effective finance function of the future.

What’s the best part of your job and in what ways is your team innovative?

I enjoy working with intelligent, energetic people who come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I feel like I can be the best version of myself when I am at work and this helps drive innovation, creative thinking and best solutions to help our clients solve their most complex problems.

Why would you recommend Deloitte to someone?

The great culture, flexibility and range of experiences that Deloitte offers is what sets this firm apart. In Human Capital, Deloitte is far ahead of any of immediate competitors.

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