Fledgling Analyst in our Belfast Human Capital team, Aaron achieved his share of triumphs in 2018 – not the least of which was being accepted into our BrightStart scheme. Read about his experiences.


When did you join Deloitte and what is your role within the company?

I joined Deloitte in September of this year and am currently an Analyst within Human Capital, more specifically, HR Apps – Workday.

What do you like best about working for Deloitte?

Simple, the opportunities. Deloitte give you so much independence and flexibility when it comes to doing what you want. I’ve already flown over to England twice for training and social events. I’m also training to use the Workday software which I will be consulting in, which involves working from home for a week with the potential of flying to Amsterdam for a couple of weeks to specialise in modules. I also get to attend Ulster University every Friday.

What were your top 4 most memorable achievements and proudest stories from your professional and personal life in 2018?

As generic as it sounds, getting the call that I was accepted into the BrightStart Scheme was definitely the highlight of this year.

This lead on to another great moment that happened a few weeks ago. I was in Birmingham for a simulation week where I volunteered to present a business case that my team and I had 4 days to come up with. I ended up getting great feedback in front of the presentation room by the Partner in charge of the scheme, which was surprising but great!

I’ve had the pleasure of performing in the Braid, Ballymena with Voiceworks in ‘My Fair Lady’.

Travelling to Japan for two weeks for my 17th birthday (realised I love ramen).

Completing the Zombie Run (Jungle NI) without losing lives and only getting body-slammed to the ground once!

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