Analysts in Tech, Will and Amira, know the importance of detail. So if you want to learn more about life and work at Deloitte, you’ve come to the right people.

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Amira’s story

When did you join Deloitte and what is your role within the company?

I joined Deloitte in September 2017. I am a BrightStart Analyst in Technology Consulting within the Analytics department, in an area called Insight Driven Organisation.

What made you pursue a career in your field?

I wanted to learn how to code and develop an app since I was at school, but computer science was not offered as a subject. When I found out about technology apprenticeships, I thought they’d be the best way to learn and start a career. Also, I’m a very analytical person – I’m sure that’s the reason I was put into the Analytics department. 

What do you like best about working for Deloitte?

I love that I’m treated like an adult here. I also enjoy working in a professional environment, in a lovely office, surrounded by loads of intelligent people I can learn from. The opportunity to travel and meet new people is another great factor. 

What were your most memorable moments in 2018

Passing Year One of the Digital Innovation course that I’m studying as part of the apprenticeship. It was difficult in the beginning, but with hard work and a bit of help, I completed the year with distinctions!

It was also great being a bridesmaid at both of my best friends’ weddings. It feels like we were just in year seven not long ago, and now they’re married with babies!

It's more than a moment, but it's been memorable making so many friends here since joining. They’ve helped me through some difficult college assignments, and have made my life in and out of work that much more fun and enjoyable.

And finally, passing the one-year mark for not eating meat. I’d never have imagined I’d give up meat, but now it’s something I am very passionate about. 

Looking back, what were your key motivation drivers in 2018? How did your creativity help you overcome challenges experienced at work?

My big motivation last year was to learn difficult content and complete tasks that I’d never done before. For example, on my second project I had to create slides on PowerPoint. They had to be in the client’s brand, easy to read and good to look at, but I’d never used PowerPoint in the professional world. But with some help from my manager, and my own creativity, I put a good quality presentation together. 


Will’s story

When did you join Deloitte and what is your role within the company?

I joined in September 2017, as a graduate technology analyst in Analytics and Information Management.

What made you pursue a career in your field?

In general, I was attracted to the breadth of opportunities offered within Consulting. I chose AIM because I firmly believe data and data-driven insights can help people make more informed decisions.

What do you like best about working for Deloitte?

Depending on how determined you are, you can pretty much decide your own professional development pathway.

What were your most memorable achievements from 2018?

Firstly, surviving the Analyst Induction Programme with my team! Secondly, the wonderful experience of learning from my project team. And lastly, I’ll never forget cruising down the Thames with a load of friends from work.

Reflect back in 2018, what were your key motivation drivers; how has your creativity help you overcome challenges experienced at work?

I like having autonomy over what I learn, and I get restless if I’m stuck in a single role. These factors have pushed me to engage with consultants from different units on very dynamic Practice Development work. Even though I don’t consider myself to be creative, I like combining different ideas from past experiences to make the outcome unique.

If you like the sound of a career that puts you in control of your future direction, explore our opportunities in Technology.


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