Senior Associate in Audit and Assurance, Stefania Popescu found her calling at Deloitte when she followed her passion for travel. Discover her experience.


How did you join Deloitte?

I came across the job advert on the internet and decided to apply whilst still working on my master’s dissertation. 

What are you responsible for in your role?

My auditor role involves reviewing company accounts and confirming if the information presented is in line with the UK Accounting Regulations. Also, I am responsible for managing and delivering the monthly audit delivery centre’s newsletter (this is part of my internal communications role within the Audit Transformation Team).

How are you supported to work flexibly?

I work full-time in the office, however flexible working is available if required – if, for example, I need to work from home one day due to personal circumstances.

What was your most memorable moment on the job so far?

I think that my greatest achievement was to join the Audit Transformation team in the internal communication role I am doing at the moment, on a part-time basis. This role allows me to develop and increase my knowledge in internal marketing communications – a field I am very interested in due to my studies.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am an outdoor person so I really like long walks (on the beach or in the countryside), bike riding, cooking/baking, travelling, reading books and charity volunteering. My passion for travel is what motivated to move from my home country to a whole new place. Coming to the UK to study also gave me the opportunity to join Deloitte. I believe it is very important to maintain your hobbies as sometimes they can help you achieve things you may only have dreamt about.

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