Senior Consultant within Cyber Vigilant, Kiran knows all about the importance of attention to detail. Here he shares his top 3 application tips for securing your future at Deloitte.


Tell us a bit about your role?

I work in the ethical hacking team (Cyber Attack) within Cyber Vigilant. My role requires me to assess the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of an organisation’s external and internal infrastructure or assets. To do this I simulate the actions a real-world hacker would use to breach an organisation or gain access to sensitive data. When we aren’t working on client engagements, we further develop our skills through research projects or creating new exploits and devices to use in future client engagements.

What are your 3 top tips for applying to a role at Deloitte?

 Tip 1: Preparation

Preparation is vital for a successful interview. It is important that throughout the recruitment process you gain an understanding of the firm and its values, the service line you want to join and your job role. Once you have explored resources directly related to the firm, look into factors that may then have an impact on your service line. What topics would affect your potential clients or the industry as a whole? Finally, develop a list of questions that you’d like to ask your interviewer, such as career development opportunities.

Tip 2: Body Language

Non-verbal communication can speak volumes. Your interviewer will appreciate that you are nervous but try to be mindful of your actions and behaviour. Avoid gestures such as foot-tapping and instead project confidence in your mannerisms. Smiling, establishing eye contact and a good posture demonstrate a positive image.

Tip 3: Face to face interview

For many people, myself included, face to face interviews are nerve racking. However, remember you have been invited to interview because the firm want to hire you. It’s up to you to demonstrate your skills and experiences to secure your place. Ensure that you listen carefully to the interviewer’s questions, take your time and address all aspects in your response. Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) technique to provide a structured response and showcase your skillset.

If you haven’t understood the question or have forgotten part of it, do not be afraid to ask for it to be rephrased or for the interviewer to provide you with a reminder. There are times when you might not be able to think of an appropriate answer, do not panic. Politely explain that you aren’t sure but would research the area further or give your rough thoughts. This shows that you are not afraid to say when you need support or do not know.

If you’re planning your next career move and considering a job in Cyber, take a look at our latest opportunities.


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