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Whether it’s a new place to go, or an innovative project to work on, Technology Consultant Vikesh gets a kick out of exploring. And he gets to do it all the time with us. We asked him about what led him here, and why he’d recommend it to other people.

When did you join Deloitte, and what is your role?

I joined Deloitte in September 2017 as an IP Analyst in Technology Consulting, EA Oracle. At the moment my role entails writing a business case for a financial systems transformation of a FTSE100 telecommunications company. 

What attracted you to our IP Scheme?

Joining the IP scheme offered me the opportunity to build a network with some of the brightest people in the industry. I got to learn about a career in consulting, in a business that helped me identify my strengths and address my weaknesses. I’ve also been able to develop transferable skills in a vast variety of areas, from PowerPoint and Excel to Public Speaking and industry-specific tools.

How would you sum up your journey with us?

Throughout the IP journey, I’ve developed a wide range of skills through working on a variety of interesting projects. The people I’ve met have formed a strong support network, enabling me to advance my career and reach my goals. 

What are your interests outside of work?

Outside of Deloitte, I often bring my two passions of photography and cycling together and go on adventures to places I’ve never been before to see new things. As well as this, I act as a “CityBuddy” for students at my university offering advice and answering their personal development questions. 

To explore our IP apprenticeships for yourself, click here.


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