You may still be mulling over more lazy, indulgent days now gone by. But reality, at a faster-than-wanted pace, comes chasing, and we now return to a less festive, glittering presence. Still, the new year brings a new sentiment that warrants new ambitions and resolutions. And granting these hopes calls for a new kind of energy, and a slightly revised plan.

The first days back are often the hardest to muster the effort to get back into a work routine. So, when returning, I like to start my day with a treat: it gives me that extra needed boost and motivation to tackle the day ahead – whether that’s a muffin in the morning, listening to a much-anticipated podcast, or going for a run

Getting back into the working pattern is much like getting back into anything left un-practiced - little steps first. Foremost, tackle the smaller tasks to get into the ease of things, then build yourself up to the bigger tasks.

It’s all about getting back into the swing of things, so follow a plan. Think about the short-term goals; what you need to do today, tomorrow, next week, as well as the long-term ones for the year ahead. This will help you oversee the struggles of post-holiday apathy, and look towards the goal ahead. Then ask yourself what needs to be put in place to achieve them? And what you need to do to make it happen? Breaking up your workload into different and prioritised targets will help make the work more manageable, and will ensure you meet all the important deadlines.

It’s often easy to lose sight of the ultimate purpose. Having these missions stapled reminds me of them, and gives me a clear sight of what’s ahead, sparking a drive within me to make it happen. It also elevates me from the depleting feelings of holiday blues, as I rise above with new ambition and hopes.

So, if you’re returning to uni with a slight sinking feeling like falling into a quicksand of work and dispassion; plan ahead to drive forward out that hole. The goals before you are your light.


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