Why did you choose Deloitte?

When applying for jobs after finishing university, Deloitte jumped out due to its excellent reputation as a graduate employer. I researched the company and the career opportunities offered and found it an enticing prospect with high standards of quality and professionalism along with great opportunity for career progression.

Why Audit and Assurance?

As a first year in Audit, there is no requirement to align to a specific industry. From a personal perspective, this has been a huge positive since it has given me the opportunity to gain experience across a range of different industries which so far include Telecommunications, Technology, Legal and Automotive a real breadth of experience and I have the option to specialise in an industry at a later date if one captures my interest above all others.

What surprised you most about Audit and Assurance?

I was surprised by the variety of clients I would get to work on. Having exposure to many different industries early on in my career has given me an idea of the type of clients I would like to focus on as I move forward and build my portfolio. It’s surprising how some of the industries which appear quite unexciting at first can actually be the most interesting. The use of technology and the analytics they can provide was also something I found surprising in that the opportunity to use is something that is given to everyone not just specialists.

What's unique about your business unit?

In FTSE clients have strict reporting deadlines for announcing results to investors. This means the work around reporting is high pressured, but the impact can be seen when results are released to the market in the movement in the company’s share price. It can be interesting to see how the market has reacted to the results I have been auditing and reading about analysts viewpoints in the news.

What types of clients do you work with?

I have a variety of clients across various industries from automotive sales to cyber security. This means I get to work in a variety of locations around the country and get exposure to how many different businesses operate. The variety this brings helps make the job really enjoyable and every week can be different.

What else do you do at Deloitte?

Since joining Deloitte I have realised there are numerous opportunities to get involved in. For example I’ve been able to take part in a client’s rugby tournament and a client ‘bake off’. There is also the opportunity to take charity days and other fund raising events such as the Ride Across Britain.

Tell us about what you’re responsible for in your role?

On each audit I have responsibility of auditing various aspects of the financial statements. This involves obtaining information from the client through discussions and agreeing to supporting evidence to gain an understanding of the items I am auditing, using knowledge I have gained in college studying for the ACA and applying to real situations on the job.

What drives you to do what you do?

The experience working at Deloitte offers me in terms of gaining an understanding of different businesses. I thoroughly enjoy the unique relationships I build with both the client staff and teams I work with on a daily basis, and the variety each day brings and the knowledge I gain knowing it will all benefit me in my future career.

What do you think you Deloitte wants from you?

I feel Deloitte wants a commitment to learning and motivation to succeed in both my exams and in the role. But also for me to be inquisitive and to explore the opportunities offered to me both in the day to day job and outside of it. Deloitte care about the contribution each member of staff can bring to the business outside of the day to day job that make it a better place to work.

What’s been the best opportunity you’ve been able to get involved in?

Working on some of the larger clients has given me the opportunity to work all around the country. Travel can be a great part of the job and between me and my colleagues we have even had clients which involved going to America, Canada, Czech Republic and all from the Manchester office.

What did you expect when you joined Deloitte how have we compared to that?

I expected a challenging yet rewarding career and it certainly has been. I was surprised by how much emphasis there is on the social side of the job, within my year group and across the other year groups. This creates a good team spirit.

Learn more about Life at Deloitte in Audit & Assurance here.


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