Deloitte-uk-careers-audit-fiona-grew_700Why did you choose Deloitte?

First it was the opportunity to do a qualification. Then when I attended campus events it was the people that I meet from Deloitte. They were the most personable.

Why Audit and Assurance?

Business exposure, we get to work with the entire business not just a segment. Also, we work with many businesses around the year. I like physically being with clients understanding what they do and asking them questions.

What surprised you most about Audit and Assurance?

The depth of business understanding that you have to develop, it’s not just looking at the numbers but understanding what the business does and how it goes about this. I feel you can only have a limited understanding of a business through looking at the accounts and as time goes on and the industry becomes more regulated audit has had to adapt to offering a more all-encompassing service that really strives to understand the business rather than just the finances. Also the diversity of backgrounds that people come from you don’t have to have done a degree in economics or accounting to work for Deloitte, my degree is in Philosophy and Theology. This is great because it brings so many perspectives.

What's unique about your business unit?

For me in International it’s working with clients and Deloitte teams from around the globe, understanding the different cultures, business dynamics and time zones. US regulation features in a number of International clients and this offers me the opportunity to diversify the breadth of my technical knowledge.

What types of clients do you work with?

I work with a luxury retail client who are owned by a Japanese company.

I also did a stock count for a doughnut company which was fun as I got to see how they all get made (and eat some!)

What else do you do at Deloitte?

I am the charity fundraising lead for our office and that means that I take the lead on ensuring that we do something every month or two to fundraise for our office charity partner. We’ve done auctions of promises where partners donate a prize or a promise, Sports Day, quiz nights etc. I’ve also spent time with our local school partner talking with 14 and 15 years old about careers and what they might want to do.

Tell us about what you’re responsible for in your role?

Delivering work to a deadline. I’m responsible for a part of the Audit and I have to use my judgement and apply professional scepticism. There’s a great support network within the team but ultimately we do take responsibility which is great.

 What drives you to do what you do?

There’s a team camaraderie that you develop on an Audit especially when it’s getting close to the end, you all pull together.

What do you think you Deloitte wants from you?

I think Deloitte wants you to get involved, you are responsible for your own destiny and this means you’re responsible for managing your workload, making the time in your day to do things that aren’t necessarily Audit work, you need to get involved and put your hand up for opportunities.

What’s been the best opportunity you’ve been able to get involved in?

Definitely the EDGE group which is a small focus group where Partners work directly with us on generating new ideas and initiatives. This was something that I volunteered for. A colleague and I made a video which the International Group Leader thought was so funny he shared with other partners who then emailed to tell us they were looking forward to meeting and working with us. So amazing to have the opportunity to have my input listened to and know that my opinion matters.

What did you expect when you joined Deloitte how have we compared to that?

I didn’t expect that I would make friends or have fun, I thought it was just going to be a job. I didn’t expect to be involved in charity work like I am, I didn’t expect to spend as much time with clients as I do and I also didn’t expect as much responsibility as I have.

Tell us one thing from your career that people might not know and be surprised about?

I was surprised about the bond you make with your year group when you first join. Because I joined on a Gap Year Placement first and then as a returning graduate I was fortunate enough to get this twice. You make amazing friends with these people because they share the same experience with you and they understand what you are going through, the balance of client work and exams. These are friendships that stay with you. I’ve attended the weddings or people of my year group, I’ve been travelling overseas with people in my year group. I got this twice so feel very lucky.

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