Deloitte-uk-careers-audit-andrew-ourdillon_main_700.JPGWhy did you choose Deloitte?

Deloitte is a global, reputable brand with a reputation for attracting great people – I thought working here would be enjoyable. It has also allowed me to attain a professional qualification.

Why Audit and Assurance?

Audit and Assurance enables you to gain an in-depth understanding of how your clients do business, what their key performance drivers are at the same time while utilising your financial and accounting skills. We can add value to our clients business, while upholding audit quality.

What surprised you most about Audit and Assurance?

Each and every day, I am doing something different. My locations, teams, roles and responsibilities change frequently. I get to work with lots of different client and teams, which I find really interesting.

What's unique about your business unit?

In Private Markets, even our largest jobs often last less than 6 weeks and within this time frame, we are exposed to multiple aspects of the clients’ business. We gauge an understanding of the entire business process, which gives us a big picture experience early on.

What types of clients do you work with?

I work on a range of clients – from retailers, healthcare providers, to miners and professional musicians. As I’m not aligned to a specific industry, I have really broadened my knowledge base and gained exposure to really interesting clients. It’s fantastic.

What else do you do at Deloitte?

I have a role on the learning team which looks after our training programmes and have been involved in the audit innovation team looking at ways to streamline our audit procedures using new technologies. I also am significantly involved in the recruitment of young graduates from South Africa. There are numerous sports teams within Deloitte that I’ve got involved in playing for.

Tell us about what you’re responsible for in your role?

Given where I am in my career, I am the Audit Field Manager on most of my clients. This means I am the middle man, as such, between my teams on site and the client finance team. I relay information, interpret problems and obstacles and work out a way to solve them on a day-to-day basis. I also take responsibility of the significant risk sections of the audit which are often complex and challenging but a great opportunity to learn and engage with senior people at the client and within my team.

What drives you to do what you do?

I love working in teams, bringing the best out of people and delivering high quality work.

What do you think you Deloitte wants from you?

To add value and innovate the way audits are performed.

What’s been the best opportunity you’ve been able to get involved in?

In my second year I led a team of people that created an automation tool which reduced the number of routine tasks that are performed on audits. This was part of our audit innovation initiative, using technology to deliver parts of an audit in a more efficient way is actively encouraged.

What did you expect when you joined Deloitte how have we compared to that?

My time at Deloitte so far has exceeded my expectations. I have been given autonomy and responsibility at an early stage which has allowed me to develop quickly. It’s a great place to work and being surrounded by driven, intelligent people all day, brings the best out of me.

Tell us one thing from your career that people might not know and be surprised about?

I really enjoy my job especially the opportunities in audit innovation. Technology and analytics plays such a big part in how we deliver an audit and add value to our clients.

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