Chik Soon Nean discusses his move to Deloitte from a mobile games start-up and talks about building an app that led South African cycling team, Team Dimension Data (TDD), to victory at the Tour de France. 

Chik Soon pic

What interested you in Deloitte?

After three years working as a data analyst at a start-up, I was ready to try something new and was interested in moving into advisory or consulting. I was attracted to Deloitte because it had a specialist unit dedicated to analytics, as well as expertise across many different fields. So I thought it would be somewhere I could really grow my career.

What’s it like coming to Deloitte from a start-up?

In my last role, it felt like I had been doing the same thing for three years. As Deloitte is a much larger company there’s greater variety, and I can leverage my skills across different business areas and practices. You also have access to more resources than you would at a start-up.

What does the Performance Analytics team do?

We are a specialised unit that builds data-driven solutions to improve human performance. That’s a mouthful! Essentially we build applications that help improve people’s efficiency, which leads to better productivity. We work with clients in a large variety of industries from retail to aviation, however the bulk of our work is with sports clients.

How did your team help TDD in the Tour de France?

We were already sponsoring TDD for the Tour so we thought why not look at how we could use data to help improve their performance. We set about creating Smart Map - a real-time decision making tool that allows cyclists to track terrains and hazards on an actual live map. We proposed the idea to TDD and they loved it. With the help of our app, TDD had one of this year's most memorable Tour de France stage victories. It’s great to be part of success stories like that.


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