Alex Bosshardt

Alex Bosshardt, a manager in the firm’s sports business group, has been involved in tennis from a young age and began officiating through the Junior Player programme set up by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).  Deloitte’s Time Out scheme enables employees to take a four-week period of unpaid leave once a year, for any reason.  Alex will take advantage of this scheme to officiate at the AEGON Championships at Queens, an ATP Challenger event in Manchester and The Championships.

Alex said: “Being able to take a period of unpaid leave to umpire at such a prestigious event as Wimbledon is amazing and really shows me that Deloitte is interested in the views and needs of its employees.  I started umpiring in 2005, after being encouraged by the LTA as a former junior player.  I now umpire at the event every year and was a line umpire in the Federer v Roddick 2009 final, a particularly exciting final to be involved in!  Trying to work this around holiday always proved tricky and actually adds more stress to taking time off.  I started working as a line umpire and I’m now a chair umpire, meaning the final decision of a game could rest on me – I need the time off to fully commit to the game.
“There is a real culture of change at the moment at Deloitte, and it is understood that people have family commitments, interests and hobbies outside of the workplace.  People are grateful to be able to spend time doing the things they love, without having to justify the request to a manager.  I believe it will encourage more people to stay at the firm, as it offers a great work life balance, which is what people want these days.”
We know that employees throughout our organisation want a more agile working pattern and really value time outside of work to pursue other activities, be that sporting activities, spending time with the family or just doing something they love but never normally have time to do.  We also know that even though they want this time they remain serious about their careers - they just want a better balance between life and career. Addressing this issue has been a major strategic priority for  Deloitte over the past 18 months, resulting in our WorkAgility programme, of which our award winning Time Out scheme is a key part. Our aim is to ensure that all our people are able to balance their lives with a successful and fulfilling career, that they are trusted to choose what works best for both them and the team, and that they are judged on output.



Find out more about our agile working at Deloitte here.



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