As month one draws to a close, I sit in Dubai airport with a large gin and tonic, contemplating what has just passed.  It has included spitting camels, football injuries, sand in brogues, waterparks, new team members on boarding,  inappropriate team member gym wear and, of course, long hours for all of the project team.

The Deloitte project team has grown to 18 members, with a client team of 80+ involved in over 12 separate workstreams. Relationships have strengthened and the as-is analysis of the first 17 companies in wave one of the project has begun, aiming to baseline existing support function service levels within the companies. Once the base-lining is complete, we can use the data to design and build the new Global Business Services company to integrate staff, process and technology into.

In parallel to all of this there have been work streams looking at how to set up a new company: Working with branding and visioning agencies to define the name, logo and mission statement for the brand new entity - all quite sexy stuff.  This vision has then been used to develop key design principles for the future organisation which will drive the operating model and organisational design – the next phase of the project.

It has been an incredibly busy month in the office, but at weekends we have had some time to kick back a little, enjoying desert camping and Abu Dhabi’s largest waterpark. As well as this, ‘sports night’ has kicked off with an inter-Deloitte football match, a closely fought battle ending in a draw, a sprained ankle and a need for the magic sponge!

It has been another great month on the project and as temperature, workload and deliverables increase, it’s certainly going to be a very hard next few months. I will keep you updated as we go.



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