Part 4 – The Interviews

We run two interviews as part of the selection process. Both are looking for different things from candidates but neither should be too stressful if you get yourself prepared.

Competency Interview - Relax and you will be grand!

This interview is usually conducted by a manager. Think of plenty of examples illustrating core skills and qualities as outlined for your service area (at least 2-3 examples per quality) and the interview should be fine. By thinking of lots of examples you will prevent repetition. Always be mindful of potential follow up questions! Just remember to keep calm!

Examples of some questions that may be asked:

Describe a recent situation where you had to build a relationship with a new colleague

Tell me about a problem that you solved and how you solved the problem? Why did you choose that method?

Have a look online and see other types of competency questions- the key here is examples and plenty of them, so get thinking!

Partner Interview- do not fear, Stef is here (I am sorry that is really quite cheesy but it rhymes)

The partner interview can vary in content. The partner will be looking to assess your career motivation, so make sure to have a solid answer for this. The partner may even ask you about the research you have completed for the role, or for any other roles you have applied for, so be prepared for every eventuality.

Use STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) as a way of framing answers.

Read up on current affairs, grab a Financial Times and be prepared to share some snippets that interested you. And that’s it. With the Partner interview completed your application is completed.

Good luck folks! I hope these tips have been useful.


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