Part 3 – E-tray

Firstly, it's not that bad, but I can feel you are all practically groaning at the concept, so here are a few pointers:


The exercise is split into two areas, Inbox and Written exercises.

These exercises are focused on;

  • Time management and the ability to delegate and prioritise time
  • Client focus and adaptability
  • Analytical skills
  • Tact
  • Negotiation skills - being able to consider several options
  • Decision-making capacity

You can practice for the E-Tray exercise here:

Inbox exercise

TIP- move your task bar to the left/right of your computer screen to be able to navigate the inbox effectively

Respond to 21 emails in an inbox. Don’t worry, at the beginning there will be quite a lot of content that you will need to read, but when you are familiar with the content you will be quicker and finding key bits of information and responding to emails.

A lot of the emails are multiple choice - there are some mathematical questions but these are quite basic.

Written exercise

Make sure to address the email appropriately, come to a logical conclusion and prepare the report in a succinct and well-structured manner.

Be very careful about spelling and grammar as a spell check isn’t available during this part of the assessment. It might be handy to have a dictionary nearby!

When these are completed, if successful you’ll move onto the final stages – the interviews. We'll look at these in Part 4.


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