Paving the way for the intersectional community

Since joining Deloitte, Tolu has seen herself grow to become a Black, LGBTQ+, female technology leader who she feels represents the future of the firm.

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How to Thrive at work - Kieran's Story

Kieran talks about volunteering, his involvement in Deloitte’s Thrive wellbeing network, and how he’s changed direction since joining us.

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Twinkle Singh – Shining a Light on Women in Technology

Since joining Deloitte in February as a Cloud Network Manager, Twinkle has gone from strength to strength, representing a growing number of women in the Technology industry.

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From confidence to coding - Bianca’s story

Bianca joined our Risk Advisory team straight from sixth form, knowing almost nothing about data science and thinking “everyone else would be so much better”. Now in the third year of her BrightStart Apprenticeship, she tells us how she’s getting on.


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Making an impact: supporting BP’s low carbon ambition

In the UK, we have one of the boldest greenhouse gas emissions targets in the world – to reach net zero by 2050. Businesses across the country are working to reach that target, and we’re helping many of them with our sustainability and assurance expertise.


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Celebrating twenty years at Deloitte

Audrey had no idea that moving to the UK on secondment would have such an impact on her life. She shares her story.


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Solving puzzles from the space station

Nitin’s home office might not be the sci-fi set his family like to believe, but he really does work on out-there technology projects. He tells us why he loves his job in our Salesforce team.

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Berman believes it’s our differences that add the greatest value

Coming from a diverse background, being free to be himself at work was a top priority for Berman.

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Getting blockchain off the starting blocks for Team GB

When the British Olympic Association (BOA) took an interest in emerging blockchain technology, all eyes were on Ruchir from Deloitte Ventures to create an effective strategy.

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The freedom to shape his own career is what it’s all about for Adam

Adam’s technical and communication skills have developed enormously since he’s been here – he puts it down to the autonomy and great support he gets.


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