Virtual teamwork: it’s all about (Business) Chemistry

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While many across the globe continue to work remotely, there is increased pressure on leaders to understand how to keep people engaged, motivated and productive, how to sustain their culture and business whilst protecting people’s well-being, and how to account for personal as well as professional disruption. Although recognising differences in working styles is not a solution for these challenges, it does help to provide a foundation for other strategies, allowing leaders to play an integral role in supporting their people and their unique stresses.

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How to connect with the Business Chemistry types virtually


When the nation was instructed to stay at home and work remotely on 23 March, none of us could have predicted how long it would last. Now, as we exceed 100 days of remote working, there are many questions arising about the future of work. One thing is for sure though, we’ll be forced to adopt new ways of working, engaging and communicating with colleagues and clients virtually.

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Business Chemistry: thriving in a virtual world

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In our last blog we looked at how different Business Chemistry types are operating in a virtual world; what they like about the new ways of working, and what they don’t. So let’s now explore the value each type can bring to this current situation.

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Business Chemistry: our differences revealed in the virtual world

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At a time when our safety and wellbeing is the main topic of discussion amongst friends, family, colleagues and clients, the importance of working together has never been greater. The challenges posed by the global pandemic are vast and varied for companies and people, and have changed how we work and the nature of our interactions.

This got us thinking; how are the different Business Chemistry types responding to this new virtual world? So we asked our Pioneers, Guardians, Drivers and Integrators what they enjoy about working from home and what they find challenging.

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Guardians: How to recognise them and how to work with them


Now that you’ve learned how to spot Drivers, Pioneers, and Integrators, and how to get the best out of your interactions, these are ours insights on working with Guardians. Once you know about all four types, you’ll have a good idea of which type you are and you may be able to ‘hunch’ your colleagues. By this we mean to make an educated guess, a hypothesis if you will, as to another individual’s primary Business Chemistry preference.

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Pioneers: How to recognise them and how to work with them


Now we’ve looked at Drivers and Integrators, and provided some tips on working with them, we still have two types left. And how can we be expected to adapt (or ‘flex’) our style and behaviours in the right way if we don’t know the preferences of those we’re addressing? So let’s get on with it and explore the Pioneer type!

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Integrators: How to recognise them and how to work with them


So, we’ve looked at the Drivers and how to work with them, but what about the other three types? Let’s take a closer look at the Integrator, and how to spot one. We’ll also tell you how to go about working with one because, as we’ve mentioned, Business Chemistry is about action, not introspection!

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Drivers: How to recognise them and how to work with them


So, our first blog explained Business Chemistry and the benefits of applying it in the workplace, but in order to connect effectively with others we need to have an idea of their Business Chemistry type - we call this ‘hunching’. Hunching is a hypothesis. Only once we have developed a hunch can we apply our knowledge of Business Chemistry to strengthen the relationships through our actions and behaviour, and benefit everyone.

We will look at each type in turn to help you know one when you see one.

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Welcome to Business Chemistry

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Welcome to the Business Chemistry blog. If you stumbled across it whilst searching for the periodic table online we’re afraid we can’t help. We don’t know a great deal about organic chemistry; however, we do know about people, particularly in the work place. Business Chemistry was specifically designed for use in the work environment to help you create stronger bonds and more meaningful interactions with colleagues.

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