Brexit update - draft Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration

The draft Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on the future relationship have now been formally approved by the EU.  The next step is the UK parliamentary vote on the deal scheduled for 11th December 2018. As it stands, we do not have certainty that the proposed terms will be approved, so no deal remains a possibility.

Businesses need to look at the political agreement carefully. While this is one less hurdle to clear, and it gives a general direction of travel, there’s still no clarity on services and a range of technical points. There is still a long way to go before the political agreement becomes a comprehensive trade agreement. Companies will need to maintain their vigilance in planning for a range of all possible scenarios, even if ultimately they’re not needed.

In our Brexit update, set out below, we summarise the key points for business in the draft Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration.

Brexit update 27 November 2018




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Posted on 15/11/2018

Brexit no deal? Take notice


With Brexit negotiations at an impasse, talk of no deal remains a hot topic.

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Posted on 30/10/2018

Is your supply chain ready for Brexit?

With so much noise around Brexit and continued uncertainty on the exit terms and the nature of the future relationship with the EU, it can be hard to determine where companies should be focussing their efforts.

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Posted on 26/09/2018

Why technology is key to Brexit


We’ve heard a lot about technology in the context of Brexit.  A new trading relationship with the EU will likely require government and it’s agencies, and business, to grapple with significant changes to systems and processes.

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Posted on 20/08/2018

Brexit: Constructive compromise or deeper divisions?


As Westminster heads off for summer recess after a frenetic few weeks, our feet can finally touch the ground as we consider the Brexit developments since the European Council summit at the end of June.

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Posted on 25/07/2018

Brexit: How boldly will we go?



As we approach what could be one of the defining milestones in the Brexit journey with a special meeting of the Cabinet at Chequers this week at which the Prime Minster hopes to secure backing for the negotiating position, it feels timely to reflect on where we find ourselves more than two years on from the referendum.

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Posted on 05/07/2018

Brexit - one year to go


This time next year, the UK will officially leave the EU. In the 641 days since the country went to the polls, it has been hard to avoid the B word - as politicians – both here and in the EU, business leaders and the public have clamoured to have a say on what the terms of exit should be and what the future relationship with the EU should look like.

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Posted on 29/03/2018

On the continent, politics trumps economics


At the start of the year, the news was relatively light in Brexit terms - but in these crucial next few weeks, it will dominate in the media and in business discussions.

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Posted on 26/02/2018

Making the most of tax after Brexit

Sitting in the House of Commons to talk about the impact of Brexit is not my typical Tuesday afternoon. But last month I was invited to do just that with the All Party Parliamentary Group for Responsible Tax, alongside MPs Nicky Morgan and Frank Field, as well former HMRC official Judith Knott.

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Posted on 12/02/2018

What a week

  The last week has been particularly eventful in Brexit terms. On Wednesday, the government lost a vote in the Commons on the EU Withdrawal Bill, with MPs backing an amendment which gives them legal guarantee of a vote on the final Brexit deal struck with Brussels.

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Posted on 20/12/2017