Business travel assessment process design – the horse designed by a committee.

565370 Camel Horse committee-01 (002).jpg

By Sahil Shah, Consultant, Deloitte 

Technology solutions that assess cross border risk often enable organisations to tackle multiple problems at once. However, without initial alignment amongst business travel program stakeholders, organisations run the risk of deploying impractical solutions. Incentivising all stakeholders to align at the outset can avoid problems before they occur.

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Artificial Intelligence: to use or not to use?

By Laura Burton, Associate Director, Deloitte

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by how things work. “Why does custard powder get thicker when I stir it, but my bottle of ketchup gets runnier when I shake it?”, “How does putting petrol in the car make the wheels turn”, and “Just how does an aeroplane actually fly?”. I recall being described as ‘an inquisitive child’. With hindsight, this was probably a polite way of referring to the annoying kid who never stopped asking questions!

I now have a lot of sympathy for my parents after producing my very own ultra-inquisitive 6-year-old son…

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An assignment story – without the rulebook!


By Vijay Bharech, Senior Manager, Deloitte

I had taken part in my maiden client tax briefing as a global mobility professional at the advent of the last decade. So, it was a thrilling moment in autumn 2019 when I had the opportunity at last to take on the role of an assignee myself.

My assignment to London was to commence after the Christmas break, so I tried to get up to speed quickly on my new domain. Being a tax professional, throughout my career, I have followed the so-called ‘rulebook’; understanding the dynamics of global relocation from the ‘inside’ was going to be a true learning experience. I was both nervous and excited in anticipation of this invaluable opportunity.

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Business Travel: Is it here to stay?

PP blog1

By Priyanka Patel, Consultant, Deloitte

As I write this blog post, I am starkly reminded of how the lives of my sister and I will continue to be wildly different during the coming months. You see, one of us is a doctor working in the first UK hospital to announce a critical incident due to COVID-19, the other is a business travel consultant at Deloitte. I'll let you guess who's who...

I wave goodbye to my sister (she is about to attend intensive care training on one of her days off), whilst I continue to type on my laptop. And I remember. The only real disruption to my life has been accessing my work files from home, and the fact that I no longer have to travel into the city for work. I can't quite help but feel, perhaps selfishly, that I have pulled the better straw here.

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COVID-19 and the acceleration of the Future of Work

DT Blog

By Danny Taggart, Director, Deloitte

A few months ago, I co-wrote an article for an HR publication on the opportunities that the Future of Work afforded those leading global mobility teams. At the time of writing the article, although COVID-19 was clearly a major issue for many parts of the world, particularly Asia, the impact and resulting country lockdowns across Europe, the Americas and Africa had yet to take full effect.

How long ago those early months of 2020 now feel! Due to the pandemic, many of us have adapted to a life of remote-working, virtual collaboration and distanced business relationships. Over the course of a few short weeks we altered our working lives, and effectively realigned working practices in line with many of the facets associated with the Future of Work. I think we can state with greater conviction than ever that the Future of Work is now!

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Is business travel compliance still fighting for a seat at the (data) table?


By Sahil Shah, Consultant, Deloitte

While eating goose on Christmas day, my aunt informed me that goose fat has other uses. Roasting potatoes is the most obvious alternative use case but did you know it is sometimes used to protect swimmers in cold water?

I asked “Wouldn’t the potatoes taste odd if they were roasted in fat that had already been used on someone’s skin?” and then immediately realised the flaws in my thought process as someone politely challenged me “that’s probably not the sequence to use it in!”

Competing use cases for resources and the relative prioritisation can bring about different outcomes.

Business travel data is one of those resources in large organisations and its use case in ensuring regulatory compliance (for tax, immigration and social security) needs to be thought through.

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My ‘future of work’

Danny's Blog - Jan 2020
By Danny Taggart, Director, Deloitte

The close of one year, and the page turn to the next is often a time for reflection. The advent of a new decade even more so.

December 2019 saw a rail strike in the UK which became the catalyst to make me ponder how much the way in which I work has changed over the last ten years. In years’ past, a rail strike might have severely hampered my ability to do my job. This one however hardly saw me miss a beat as my home office has become a regular work hub. To be brutally honest, avoiding a four hour round-trip commute and the Christmas crowds during the strike was something of a relief!

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Does Global Mobility transformation always have to be Digital?


By Demetra Karacosta, Associate Director, Deloitte

Having come back to work after a year out of the business, everyone is still talking about ‘digital’. Nothing new there, after all digital is an ongoing conversation and articles on digital have been in the media for many years now.

So, why are we still talking about digital and are we really doing anything about it in global mobility?

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How to develop global mobility Business Partnering skills


By Clare Allen, Consultant, Deloitte

A global mobility business partner by our definition is ‘a global mobility professional who supports the business to meet their overall organisational goals through collaboration on global workforce and skillset requirements’. A successful business/global mobility relationship is one where ‘the business and the global mobility teams’ have a relationship built on trust’.

So how does this all look in practice and how can you develop business partnering skills?

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Digital transformation - what does it mean?



By Laura Burton, Associate Director, Deloitte


One of the hottest topics out there currently, both for our clients and also internally at Deloitte is digital transformation. But what does it actually mean?

  • Is it using robots to replace humans? No.
  • Is it using computers to do manual tasks? Kind of.
  • Is it about changing the way we do business through digitising our processes? Yes.
  • Would it be helpful to be talked through a real-life example of what this means in practice? Absolutely.

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