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Enabling Integrated Care Systems to improve health outcomes through robust population health analytics

By Jon White, Director, Public sector health analytics team


This blog is the third in our series of articles examining the challenges in establishing Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and explores the critical role of population health analytics. Indeed, there is a growing realisation across the healthcare sector about the potential for data analytics to transform everything from strategic planning to clinical decision making. Today, data technology has already transformed many aspects of our lives with unprecedented access to information, connecting people and ideas in ways no-one would have predicted twenty years ago. We have all seen first hand how analytics has impacted other sectors such as retail and marketing and we are now entering a period of rapid innovation in the healthcare sector, with numerous opportunities to utilise data effectively. In this blog we are taking a pragmatic view of some of the things ICSs can do to work collaboratively and focus on improving population health outcomes.

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Integrated Care Systems – looking back and thinking ahead

By Stephanie Diller, Senior Manager, Public Sector Health Strategy


In 2019, our Integrated Care System (ICS) blog series set out key considerations and questions faced by NHS organisations as they responded to the Long Term Plan’s (LTP) expectations for every NHS organisation to form part of an ICS. However, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic the priorities of health and care shifted towards an emergency response, slowing the transformational progress of many organisations in forming an ICS. This blog builds on our previous insights, identifies learnings from the pandemic and explores the implications for ICS planning of the Government’s February 2021 white paper, Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care. More specifically, it identifies the barriers that need to be overcome and the challenges ICS stakeholders will need to address when designing and implementing the integration changes that are needed to improve population health.

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Insights that can help NHS organisations come together as Integrated Care Systems

By Catherine Skilton, Partner Deloitte’s Public Sector Healthcare team


As the first half of the year draws to a close, we in the Deloitte healthcare practice have decided to take stock and reflect on some of the key challenges facing NHS organisations as they come together to form Integrated Care Systems (ICSs). We have asked senior colleagues from across the firm to highlight the burning questions they are being asked about most frequently – and more importantly, what advice they provide.

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Payment reform for integrated care: The risks and rewards of reforming payment mechanisms in the NHS

By Jon White, Deloitte Consulting


The NHS Five Year Forward View, published in 2014, included proposals to develop five new models of care or ‘Vanguards’ to help transform and integrate health and social care services. Starting in 2015. NHS England allowed health systems the flexibility to introduce new payment mechanisms that would provide better incentives for local care models. Five years on, we have seen pockets of innovation such as the aligned incentive contract in Coastal West Sussex and the outcomes based contract in Greater Manchester. However, by the end of the vanguard phase of the new care models programme, in March 2018, instead of developing new contracts, most vanguards had used a consensus approach based on non-legal agreements between their partners.i

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Kick starting your Population Health Management strategy

By Cosima Pettinicchio, and Dr Eva de Brett, Deloitte MCS


Last month’s blog from our Deloitte healthcare practice provided an overview of the key challenges facing NHS and Local Authority organisations as they transition from Sustainability and Transformation Programmes (STPs) to Integrated Care Systems (ICSs); and gave a commitment to explore each of these challenges in more depth in a series of articles over the summer.1 This week’s blog explores the key building blocks of a comprehensive, target-oriented, Population Health Management (PHM) approach and outlines the ‘no-regrets’ decisions that system leaders need to consider when embarking on their transition to an ICS.

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Will Primary Care Networks be the engine of change to drive Integrated Care?

By Dr Jane Halpin and Dr Arvind Madan


Since July 2019, as part of the NHS Long Term Plans (LTPs) ambition to develop integrated health and care, all general practices in England have come together to form one of 1,250 or so Primary Care Networks (PCNs). While this isn’t the first attempt to encourage greater cooperation between practices, it is the first time in NHS history that real terms funding for primary and community health services is guaranteed to grow at a faster rate than that of the overall NHS budget, including £1.8 billion to support the establishment of PCNs.

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A strategy to fix healthcare: From a Fact Free Zone to an Evidence Based System

Last week, Professor Michael Porter, was the key note speaker at an influential conference organised by Reform.  His opening remark that the NHS has the potential to be a world leader in developing value based healthcare, set the tone for a enervating conference.

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Now you see it now you don’t: can the Spending Review deliver a sustainable health and social care system?


At 12:30pm on the 25th of November the long awaited and much rehearsed 2015 Spending Review was announced. Speculation about its content has been rife but, as the Chancellor set out how much government funding will be available for the NHS and social care over the next five years, the debate about whether the settlement will be enough to ensure the sustainability of the service commenced. This week’s blog considers the main details of the settlement and discusses what this might mean for health and social care.

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Beyond bitcoin: Five possible uses for blockchain in health care

by Greg Reh


Blockchain technology is continually touted to revolutionise the operations of every industry it becomes associated with, and for health care and life sciences this no different. This week’s blog, by Greg Reh, Deloitte’s Global Life Sciences and Health Care Leader, discusses the possible use cases blockchain may have in health care. The blog first appeared in on the US Center for Health Solutions website, part of their My Take series.i

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Elderly Care in Crisis: Will there be a care home for you in 2030?


The Centre for Health Solutions report Better Care for Frail Older People highlighted the challenge of caring for an increasingly frail and ageing population, including the need to improve access to care in all places of care. This week’s blog is a personal take from one of our senior consultants who spent seven years of his career working for a major aged care provider in the UK, where he saw first-hand the pressures that the sector is facing in dealing with an ever-ageing population and increasing numbers of people suffering from dementia. An experience that led him to question whether there will still be a care home sector in 2030?

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