Data is the new…Enabler!

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Now, I’m going to try and get through this blog without the phrase ‘Data is the new oil’. Every conference with any link to data science and financial services will have at least one speaker (if not more) that will utter these words to try and express the true value now being placed on data.

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Disrupt the Enterprise - Innovating in the Digital Era

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Scotland has an ubiquitous entrepreneurial spirit and undeniable character felt in the pulse of the country. With disruption on the doorstep, Deloitte uses Disrupt the Enterprise, to connect and honour this magic in our own way.

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From Datathon to Deloitte: Now it's your turn to get involved...

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With DataFest 18 coming up and Deloitte’s team organising our second Datathon in the Edinburgh office, I’ve been thinking about how I went from being a casual competition-goer to a consultant in the firm. To quote one of our directors, I’ve gone “from Datathon to Deloitte” – a journey I didn’t necessarily expect to go through one year ago. 

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Public sector technology predictions: I never make them and I never will

TMT blog AMJanuary must be the most predictable month of the year. Gym visits go up, decorations come down, and we all reflect on what the year ahead could bring. Here at Deloitte, every January we report on how trends in technology, media and telecommunications will play out in our TMT Predictions report. As the saying goes, I never make predictions and I never will, but three of this year’s predictions stood out for me as especially significant for government and the public sector.

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Supercharge your entrepreneurial spirit: top tips from Chris van der Kuyl

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Every year, Deloitte celebrate the UK’s fastest growing companies in the firm’s Fast 50 awards. With the competition reaching its 20th anniversary, some of its most iconic Scottish entrepreneurs relive their experiences and share advice with those looking to start out today.

In the second part of the series Chris van der Kuyl, owner and chairman one of the UK’s most successful video game developers, the BAFTA award-winning 4J Studios offers his thoughts.

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Tax return made easy – 16 things to remember when completing Self Assessment

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The deadline for 2016/17 tax returns is only days away. Those who are self-employed, receive rental or savings income over certain limits, or who have made capital gains over the annual exemption of £11,100 for 2016/17 will need to complete their self-assessment by the end of the month. People who receive child benefit and where the higher earner in the couple has income of over £50,000 are also affected.

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Power Up: People with the strongest transferable skills have the brightest future

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The UK economy has proven its resilience and ability to successfully navigate change many times throughout history. But we can’t take this for granted. It’s critical that we remain competitive, retain our strength in innovation, develop and attract the skills our economy needs and convert that to inclusive growth and prosperity for all.

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Why artificial intelligence is more about people than you think

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Artificial intelligence (AI): it’s a phrase appearing in the news and in our everyday lives more and more these days. Although there may be some truth behind the eye-catching headlines on AI and robots taking thousands of jobs, it’s unlikely to be as dramatic as it sounds.

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Smart sustainable growth plans are key to attracting investors

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Over the past two decades Deloitte’s Fast 50 programme has celebrated the fastest growing companies in the UK. The world has changed a lot during that time but all winning businesses have consistently shared one enviable trait: they have recorded ultra-rapid growth, often in an uncertain environment. 

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Our continued commitment to Scotland


By Steve Williams, Senior Partner for Deloitte in Scotland and Northern Ireland

There have been few years as eventful as 2016 in recent times – between the race for the White House, Brexit, and the Scottish Parliament election. While it may have been a tough act to follow in terms of drama, 2017 has also certainly been a year to remember, for the way some of the previous year’s events have continued to unfold, if nothing else. 

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