Edinburgh Greenhouse and Studio point’s way forward for Deloitte’s digital future

Greenhouse Blog2

Left, Rich Hurley, Deloitte Digital Partner and Right, Jonathan Meddes, Deloitte Digital Director 

By Rich Hurley, Partner, Deloitte Digital, Scotland

Deloitte has unveiled the next stage of its evolution in Scotland, with the opening of its new Greenhouse in Edinburgh and the continued expansion of Deloitte Digital’s Edinburgh Studio.

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The Age of the Data Scientist – Data Changes Everything..


Kent Mackenzie, Director, Risk Advisory, Deloitte

At some point in the late 1800’s the creation of the industrial printing press led to what became known as ‘the age of the editor’ when suddenly as a society we could not consume all the text being created and had to find ways of editing what we were publishing and reading to make it meaningful.  Fast forward 100 years or so and the exponential growth and ‘democratisation’ of data is creating a new age – the age of the data scientist.

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Low level of changes to be applauded, but some further detail still to come from final Spring Budget

Budget_249820405_lo 1

By Garry Tetley, Tax Partner at Deloitte Scotland

In the “final” Spring Budget for Chancellor Philip Hammond, there wasn’t a raft of tax changes announced, or much news specific to Scotland – but a number of the changes made across the UK will affect Scottish businesses and taxpayers.

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Be bold for change: support International Women’s Day 2017

Change 2

By Stacey Winters, Sector Leader in the UK for Aerospace and Defence, Deloitte

To be bold means showing a willingness to take risks, to be confident and courageous, and have a strong and vivid appearance. These traits don’t always come easy to people, and sadly even less so among women – particularly in the workplace.

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Time to combine ideas, rather than local authorities


By Angela Mitchell, Partner and Local Public Services Lead, Deloitte

Over the last few years, the debate about Scotland’s councils seems to have focused heavily on the issue of how many of them there are.

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Carlyle CFO Series: The Journey to Non-Executive

CFO Blog

By Michael Dickson and James Colhoun, Carlyle 

Recently, Carlyle hosted a CFO event, focused on ‘The Journey to Non-Executive’. Inspired by the increasing requirement for organisations to have non-executives from finance backgrounds, Carlyle invited a group of experienced CFOs and non-executives to debate the current and future opportunities and challenges faced by senior finance professionals in non-executive roles. 

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Why focusing on the bottom line will get more women to the top in technology


By Mary Harper, head of strategy for customer, digital and data at Standard Life.

It’s 2017, and over the last few years there has been a rise across the globe in conversations surrounding equality between men and women in the workplace.

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US M&A reveals resurgence in Scottish manufacturing

USUK Corridor Blog

By Cahal Dowds, Chairman, Deloitte Advisory Corporate Finance

Scotland is well known for its proud heritage of manufacturing. One of the main engines behind Britain’s industrial revolution in the 1800s and, until the beginnings of deindustrialisation in the 1960s, it remained a powerhouse of British manufacturing, with products made on the Clydeside, and beyond, shipped around the world. Many thought the sector had had its day – in the 1990s manufacturing jobs in Glasgow dropped to below a quarter of its 1952 level.

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Innovation is part of the fabric of Scotland – Fintech, an opportunity for Scotland

Fintech blog

By Kent Mackenzie, Director, Risk Advisory at Deloitte

Innovation has been part of the fabric of Scotland’s financial services scene throughout its long and rich history. With customer expectations changing, possibly more in the last decade than ever before, it’s just as well.

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Made in Scotland: building a Scottish technology legacy

Fast 50 Blog

By Garry Tetley, Tax Partner at Deloitte

When exploring the meaning of the word ‘legacy’, a few descriptions appear which could go some way to define the appetite and potential for technology companies in Scotland. The phrase ‘to leave a footprint’ and the word ‘heritage’ emerge, and many tech companies in this country are already on their way to making this kind of impact.

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