How safe will open banking and future fintech innovations be?

Open banking2

By Kent Mackenzie, Director, Risk Advisory, Deloitte and David Goodbrand, Partner, Burness Paull

Kent Mackenzie, Head of Deloitte’s Fintech team and David Goodbrand, who heads law firm Burness Paull’s IP, technology and commercial team discuss open banking and what steps will need to be taken to ensure it's security.

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A more financially inclusive world with big data and disruptive technology


By Kent Mackenzie, Director, Risk Advisory, Deloitte Scotland

Kent Mackenzie, a Director at Deloitte explains the influence that artificial intelligence and robotics are having on financial technology – and how big data and disruptive technology can help create a more financially-inclusive world.

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Why Fintech is important now..

Why Fintech is important nowBy Kent Mackenzie, Director, Risk Advisory, Deloitte

“People often ask me what makes me so interested in fintech – one could always argue that it has been around for years. “But I think there are three reasons why it’s important now, and why we have a once-in-a-career opportunity to explore how new technologies can address market failures in financial services and create a more financially inclusive world.”

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Supporting start-ups to scale up

Scaling up Start-ups 3

By Rich Hurley, Partner, Deloitte Digital, Scotland

Glasgow-based fintech company, Castlight Financial, is targeting international expansion after triumphing at Deloitte’s inaugural Disrupt the Enterprise event in Scotland.

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A few assets and too many liabilities - Deloitte takes part in Edinburgh Marathon Festival

EMF4Image Today 14_02_17

By Jim Boyle, Partner, Audit & Assurance, Deloitte Scotland

On Saturday 27 May 2017, in what is believed to be the biggest ever Deloitte Scotland mass participation sporting or charitable event, over 60 employees from Deloitte's Edinburgh office will be running the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 10k.

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How Digital can transform oil and gas supply chain and operations

Energy Blog

By Nick Clark, Director, Deloitte

The oil and gas supply chain may have gone through a challenging few years, but the industry is on the cusp of another period of substantial change – one we’ve already seen take hold in other sectors. Digital transformation is opening up huge opportunities to operators, service companies, and suppliers – but it’s a double-edged sword.

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Disrupt the Enterprise: five ways corporates can help start-ups excel in Scotland

Blog wearethefuture_loBy Bruce Walker, founder of WeAreTheFuture

Young companies have the potential to completely transform the Scottish economy and its business landscape. Their energy and bravery are causing the ears of larger, more established businesses across Scotland to prick up; listening and paying close attention to the moves they are making.

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Edinburgh Greenhouse and Studio point’s way forward for Deloitte’s digital future

Greenhouse Blog2

Left, Rich Hurley, Deloitte Digital Partner and Right, Jonathan Meddes, Deloitte Digital Director 

By Rich Hurley, Partner, Deloitte Digital, Scotland

Deloitte has unveiled the next stage of its evolution in Scotland, with the opening of its new Greenhouse in Edinburgh and the continued expansion of Deloitte Digital’s Edinburgh Studio.

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The Age of the Data Scientist – Data Changes Everything..


Kent Mackenzie, Director, Risk Advisory, Deloitte

At some point in the late 1800’s the creation of the industrial printing press led to what became known as ‘the age of the editor’ when suddenly as a society we could not consume all the text being created and had to find ways of editing what we were publishing and reading to make it meaningful.  Fast forward 100 years or so and the exponential growth and ‘democratisation’ of data is creating a new age – the age of the data scientist.

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Low level of changes to be applauded, but some further detail still to come from final Spring Budget

Budget_249820405_lo 1

By Garry Tetley, Tax Partner at Deloitte Scotland

In the “final” Spring Budget for Chancellor Philip Hammond, there wasn’t a raft of tax changes announced, or much news specific to Scotland – but a number of the changes made across the UK will affect Scottish businesses and taxpayers.

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