Invested in Scotland: Deloitte’s commitments in 2016 and beyond


By Steve Williams, Practice Senior Partner, Scotland and Northern Ireland  

Reflecting on the last 12 months, one thing I can certainly say is that it has been a landmark year for Deloitte as a firm, for Scotland, and for the rest of the world!!

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Re-defining the modern actuary: the increasing importance of communication


By David Hare, Partner, Deloitte

Actuaries are valued for their skills with numbers – the ability to take complex mathematical problems; create sophisticated models; and measure the risk posed, and probability of, future events. In fact, if you look up the definition online, an actuary is described as “a person who compiles and analyses statistics and uses them to calculate insurance risks and premiums”.

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The State of the State: the view from Scotland’s citizens

State of the StateMM

By Angela Mitchell, Partner and Local Public Services Lead, Deloitte

Democracy gives government an in-built understanding of peoples’ expectations. Through the ballot box, Scotland’s electorate sends a broad message about what they want – whether on national manifesto commitments, local authority control or on an individual referendum question. But for the organisations that deliver public services, a more detailed knowledge of citizen preferences is increasingly important. It can help them understand what people expect from their services, how well those services meet their needs and what matters most to them. And that insight can inform how resources are targeted and how people are engaged as customers.

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More than a decade of change – but entrepreneurs still thrive

Ent. Scot. Awardsblog

By Richard Slater, Partner and Head of Private Markets at Deloitte

Richard Slater reflects on an evening at Entrepreneurial Scotland’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2016.

Scotland’s top entrepreneurs brought much of Glasgow to life on Wednesday night with their attendance at the Entrepreneurial Scotland’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2016.

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Autumn Statement: A big change to salary sacrifice arrangements


By Ian McCall, Global Employer Services Partner at Deloitte

It’s fair to say that Philip Hammond’s first and final, Autumn Statement as Chancellor wasn’t the most radical in recent memory. But, one of its more revolutionary proposals came in the form of changes to the taxation of benefits in kind and salary sacrifice schemes.

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The Autumn Statement is dead. Long live the Autumn Budget!

Piggy_bank (002)rs

By John Macintosh, Corporate tax partner, Deloitte

Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Statement also happened to be his last. But in a significant change from the fast-moving world of politics, it’s not because he’s being replaced, standing down, or switching ministerial portfolio.

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Think it’s too late to apply for the Deloitte grad scheme? Think again

Graduate Blog1resized

By Becca Hulton, Graduate, Deloitte

When I finished university in 2011 I was all set to enter the world of work. Having studied Finance and Management, I had exciting visions of joining a graduate scheme and climbing the ladder in retail or fashion.

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Planting the seed of business growth in the Deloitte Greenhouse

Paint can3

By Jonathan Meddes, Director, Deloitte Digital Edinburgh

Innovation, and the disruption it inevitably creates, has never occurred at such a high pace. While exponential change makes the world a more interesting place, with new products and services being made available all the time, it can have some serious consequences for businesses and the technologies they rely on. After all, many of the products that come to market render existing technology obsolete. 

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State of the State 2016: Brexit blues and sci-fi services

State of the StateMM

By Angela Mitchell, Partner and Local Public Services Lead, Deloitte

The public sector is going through unprecedented change – a trend we’ve looked to capture in our annual State of the State reports, which have analysed the many ways this is happening: from digital transformation and people power, to the challenges of productivity and citizen engagement.

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Banks shouldn’t fear our Fintech revolution – they should embrace it


By Craig Cosham, Partner, Financial Services for Scotland, Deloitte

Innovation has been part of the fabric of Scotland’s financial services (FS) scene throughout its long and rich history. With customer expectations changing, possibly more in the last decade than ever before, it’s just as well.

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