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A year of change for Deloitte in Scotland

Annual results blog

Seldom has so much happened in the space of 12 months. In the last year, we’ve witnessed a great deal of change, not only in terms of technology, politics and economics; but in many other walks of life too.

For Deloitte, it has also been a truly transformational period. Our firm has grown at its fastest pace for a decade, increasing turnover by 13.6% and breaching £3 billion across the UK Group for the first time.  

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How to deliver better healthcare across Europe: seven ‘Vital Signs’ of a healthy health economy

Vital signs blogs

Health systems in Europe are diverse, the result of history, culture and the economic and political environment in which they operate. They range from predominantly single-payer systems, such as the UK and Spain, which tend to spend a lower amount of their resources (Gross Domestic Product (GDP)) on healthcare; to systems of competing insurers and providers such as Germany and the Netherlands, which are two of Europe’s highest spenders on healthcare.  Understanding what makes an effective healthcare system is therefore quite challenging.  This week’s blog summarises the findings in our new report, Vital Signs- How to deliver better healthcare across Europe.

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Action speaks louder: Why public sector organisations must redesign themselves to succeed in a dynamic environment

HCT blog image

From Inverness to Ipswich, from Belfast to Bangor, public sector bodies face disruption on a scale unprecedented in more than half a century. Across the entire sector, senior leaders are wrestling with sweeping forces that challenge traditional services, delivery models and organisational boundaries.

The ever-increasing expectations of citizens, reductions in human and financial resources driven by austerity measures, and rapid digital developments are just three forces creating an imperative for transformational change.

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Guest blog: Taking 'Exporting is GREAT' on the road, by David Mundell

Exporting is great

This week [Monday 29 February], saw the launch of a major new initiative to boost the exporting capability of Scottish business.  The Exporting is GREAT roadshow has been rolling across Scotland this  week, encouraging more businesses to sell their products and services overseas.

This is all about jobs and growth, and exporting is vital to Scotland’s future.  We know that firms which export grow faster, generate more revenue, hire more people and tend to pay better. 

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Public sector productivity: four ways to adapt to a new reality

SOTS blog image jan

Scotland’s public sector is adjusting to new ways of working. Increasingly, that means doing more with less as budgets are put under significant pressure. There appears to be little future respite, with further savings needed in the years ahead.

Yet changing the way people and services work inevitably requires investment: both in time and capital.

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Deloitte in 2015: our commitments to Scotland

Steve end of year blog

The festive period is a time of reflection. And looking back over the last 12 months, I can safely say 2015 was a big year for Deloitte and for me.

This will be my first Christmas as Senior Partner for Deloitte in Scotland and Northern Ireland; a role I’m honoured to hold. I’ve inherited a fantastic team, which has helped make the transition that bit easier, and I’ve been inspired by the brilliant clients the firm gets to work with every day.

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The Ascent of Digital: challenges and opportunities ahead for the public sector

Global ascent of digital

The public sector is going through a period of digital awakening – underpinned by a fundamental shift in the way services are delivered to citizens in Scotland and across the UK.

At the turn of the century, there was a focus on e-government providing online services that were merely an electronic façade replicating analogue processes. Since then, many have come to the realisation that merely applying an electronic skin to existing processes isn't enough.

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The people dimension of digital policing: where to go from here?

Digital police blog

The founding principles of policing are as true and necessary today as they ever were.  But the realities and pressures of the 21st century call for a new, digital way of operating.  Without a disciplined focus on the people dimension – in terms of roles, capabilities and behaviours – police forces may struggle to realise the benefits of this transformative technology.

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The frontline of leadership: a policing perspective

Police college blog

Patterns of crime are changing. Police budgets are under increasing pressure. There’s a growing recognition that simply reinforcing what we already know about leadership in policing may not prepare the sector for the challenges which lie ahead.

It’s in this context that on June 30 the College of Policing launched its leadership review.

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Tech trends 2015: how science fiction could transform healthcare


Does life imitate art? Or, is it the other way round?  The increasing emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), with ubiquitous connectivity, measurement and observation by inanimate objects, is becoming everyday reality – a trend that has strong parallels with science fiction.

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