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Management incentives - Valuation of growth shares

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By Lyndsay MacGregor, Associate Director, Tax

Over the past 15 or so years, we have seen many hundreds of companies implement equity incentives using ‘Growth Shares’.

Growth Shares are a bespoke solution, such that no two arrangements are the same. However, in general terms, they are a separate class of shares, which only deliver a return at a point in the future (generally on exit) and only to the extent that the value of the underlying company at that time exceeds a pre-determined threshold.

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Deloitte in 2016 – our impact in Scotland

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Numbers are important. They have a helpful way of conveying results in an easily-digestible, unerring format. But, perhaps I would say that, given my profession.

In my last blog, I talked about a lot of numbers. Last year Deloitte’s UK Group delivered 13.6% growth, breaching £3 billion in revenue for the first time. The firm has invested in 30 start-ups, 20 of which were developed by our own people. Our number of partners and directors in Scotland rose to 35 and 45, while we also recruited 53 graduates and 10 BrightStarts.

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A year of change for Deloitte in Scotland

Annual results blog

Seldom has so much happened in the space of 12 months. In the last year, we’ve witnessed a great deal of change, not only in terms of technology, politics and economics; but in many other walks of life too.

For Deloitte, it has also been a truly transformational period. Our firm has grown at its fastest pace for a decade, increasing turnover by 13.6% and breaching £3 billion across the UK Group for the first time.  

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A day in the life of… Kent Mackenzie

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In this instalment of “a day in the life of…” we speak to Kent Mackenzie, a Director in Deloitte’s Risk Advisory practice. There may not be such a thing as a “typical” day in his life with the Firm, but most mornings start with some time with the kids and a good cup of tea...

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Restructuring on the horizon for oil and gas

O&G restructuring blog MM

The oil price drop has been severe, with a profound effect on the industry. Almost every business is reassessing how it operates and looking for ways to respond – cutting costs and discretionary capex, all the while enhancing production volumes to keep their head above water.

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A day in the life of… Lynsey Robinson

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In this instalment of “a day in the life of…” we speak to Lynsey Robinson, a Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Risk Advisory practice. Taking time out from her busy routine, she talks us through a day at Deloitte and explains how her love of lists, watching rugby and training for marathons helps her achieve the perfect work-life balance…

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Cheeky Chompers chew up the benefits of Entrepreneurial Scotland Award success

Cheeky chompers blog use

Julie Wilson and Amy Livingstone, founders of baby brand Cheeky Chompers, talk about their experience of setting up their company and how Entrepreneurial Scotland’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards has helped them bite into business…

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How to deliver better healthcare across Europe: seven ‘Vital Signs’ of a healthy health economy

Vital signs blogs

Health systems in Europe are diverse, the result of history, culture and the economic and political environment in which they operate. They range from predominantly single-payer systems, such as the UK and Spain, which tend to spend a lower amount of their resources (Gross Domestic Product (GDP)) on healthcare; to systems of competing insurers and providers such as Germany and the Netherlands, which are two of Europe’s highest spenders on healthcare.  Understanding what makes an effective healthcare system is therefore quite challenging.  This week’s blog summarises the findings in our new report, Vital Signs- How to deliver better healthcare across Europe.

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Action speaks louder: Why public sector organisations must redesign themselves to succeed in a dynamic environment

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From Inverness to Ipswich, from Belfast to Bangor, public sector bodies face disruption on a scale unprecedented in more than half a century. Across the entire sector, senior leaders are wrestling with sweeping forces that challenge traditional services, delivery models and organisational boundaries.

The ever-increasing expectations of citizens, reductions in human and financial resources driven by austerity measures, and rapid digital developments are just three forces creating an imperative for transformational change.

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Brexit: uncertainty ahead, but Scotland can prosper

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Historic is a word often used erroneously – but today is definitely a historic day. In one of Britain’s most definitive political moments, the public has spoken and made clear that it sees the UK’s future being better-served outside of the EU.

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