Analytics in Deloitte in Scotland

Data is the new…Enabler!

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Now, I’m going to try and get through this blog without the phrase ‘Data is the new oil’. Every conference with any link to data science and financial services will have at least one speaker (if not more) that will utter these words to try and express the true value now being placed on data.

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From Datathon to Deloitte: Now it's your turn to get involved...

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With DataFest 18 coming up and Deloitte’s team organising our second Datathon in the Edinburgh office, I’ve been thinking about how I went from being a casual competition-goer to a consultant in the firm. To quote one of our directors, I’ve gone “from Datathon to Deloitte” – a journey I didn’t necessarily expect to go through one year ago. 

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Why artificial intelligence is more about people than you think

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Artificial intelligence (AI): it’s a phrase appearing in the news and in our everyday lives more and more these days. Although there may be some truth behind the eye-catching headlines on AI and robots taking thousands of jobs, it’s unlikely to be as dramatic as it sounds.

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A day in the life of… Kent Mackenzie

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In this instalment of “a day in the life of…” we speak to Kent Mackenzie, a Director in Deloitte’s Risk Advisory practice. There may not be such a thing as a “typical” day in his life with the Firm, but most mornings start with some time with the kids and a good cup of tea...

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A day in the life of… Sithu Aye

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Continuing our series on what it’s really like to work at Deloitte, we speak to Sithu Aye, a technology consulting analyst in our Glasgow office. In a brief interview, he talks about how, despite not ever really having a “typical day”, things are about to change dramatically for him.

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Spring has sprung for Scottish FinTech…and summer is on its way



On a cold winter’s morning in December last year, Bela from The Infinite Kind and I sat down and started to plan the next FinTech Hackathon in Edinburgh. 

I suggested we host in the Deloitte office…now for those of you that have been here you will know that it is a beautiful, gleaming, space that we spend time with our clients in…all very civilised…and in my mind perfect to invite and help 50+ ‘hackers’ to run riot and create new applications for the changing world of Finance!

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A day in the life of… Elizabeth Hollinger

Day in the life EH

In the first part of an occasional series looking at what it’s really like to work at Deloitte, we speak to Elizabeth Hollinger, head of our Analytics Lab in Scotland and a key figure in setting up our Digital Studio and client Greenhouse space in Edinburgh. In a brief interview, she talks about her love of learning, beginning her career in actuarial services and what it’s like to always be on the move.

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Five learnings from a FinTech hackathon


Scotland has long been recognised as a country that punches above its weight when it comes to the number of innovators and pioneers that have blessed our shores. The development of new products, solutions and services forms an integral part of our national identity and is actively encouraged and supported. 

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Tech trends 2015: how science fiction could transform healthcare


Does life imitate art? Or, is it the other way round?  The increasing emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), with ubiquitous connectivity, measurement and observation by inanimate objects, is becoming everyday reality – a trend that has strong parallels with science fiction.

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Digital Public Services - what if we build it and they can't come?


Citizens in Scotland are open to engaging more with the public sector online. But for the Scottish Public Sector to realise its digital ambition of innovative and integrated public services it must not forget those citizens who can’t use digital services.

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