Keeping Pace? Government’s Technology Transformation

Keeping Pace Blog

By Angela Mitchell, Lead Partner for Scottish Public Sector and UK  Public Sector Technology, Deloitte

Technology is a key driver for public sector transformation, making government more effective and public services more accessible for those who rely on them.

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One Impact Day, 30 volunteers and One Million Futures

Impact day blog

By David Fitzsimons, Manager, UK M&A Advisory, Deloitte

Despite its name, the Impact Day we celebrate each year at Deloitte is not one single day, but a year-round commitment to our local communities. It’s made up of many different events around the world, offering all employees the opportunity to participate in 1 Impact Day per year that give us the chance to use our knowledge and expertise to help those not-for-profit organisations that are striving to provide the best service possible to the people they serve.

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Solace Conference 2017: playing to our strengths and the three C’s

Solace Blog Image

By Phil Cragg, Senior Consultant for Public Sector Operations at Deloitte

The stunning grounds of Dumfries House in East Ayrshire held host to this year’s Solace Scotland annual conference, an event designed to gather key people within the public sector, giving them a platform to discuss some of the most thought-provoking and demanding issues facing the sector in Scotland. 

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National Work Life Week: 970 miles towards a better balance

Cycle_DBerrie Blog221435110_lo

By Donna Berrie, Corporate Audit Manager at Deloitte

We don’t live to work, we work to live – a motto to consider for National Work Life Week, and a reminder to employers that staff have lives outside the four walls of the office.

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Oil and gas in 2017: a quietly confident return for the UKCS?

Water Image OG UK Bloh GH

By Graham Hollis, Senior Partner for Deloitte in Aberdeen

The latest Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) economic report shines a light on an industry that has seen its fair share of challenges over the past three years. However, as the report demonstrates, in 2017 the North Sea industry is cautiously optimistic about what the future holds, as it starts to see results emerge from the changes it has implemented, and the new ideas and practices it has fostered.

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Time to publish your UK tax strategy?

UK Tax Strategy Blog

By John Macintosh, Partner and Head of Tax for Deloitte in Scotland  

For many large businesses and partnerships, publishing a UK tax strategy is now a requirement.  This is the latest development in an international trend towards increased tax transparency and higher standards of tax governance and risk management.

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The Scottish economy displays an underlying resilience

Deloitte - John Macintosh and Graeme Roy

By Professor Graeme Roy, Director, Fraser of Allander Institute

We’re delighted that Deloitte are supporting the Fraser Economic Commentary. This new relationship provides us with access to better intelligence about the current conditions, challenges and opportunities facing the business community in Scotland. And it’s through partnerships like this that we can help inform public and business debate and support the next generation of young economic researchers in Scotland.

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Invent and re-invent – the role of innovation in driving growth in Scotland


By John Macintosh, Partner and Head of Tax for Deloitte in Scotland  

Deloitte is very proud to be supporting the Fraser of Allander Institute’s Economic Commentary. Economics has seldom been more relevant as businesses face an ever changing landscape, not only in Scotland but further afield. Our partnership with the Fraser of Allander will help us to access regular, factual and independent analysis of Scotland’s economy, enabling us to advise Scotland’s business community about the actions they need to consider in uncertain times.

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Checkmate – is your business ready for a digital transformation?

Digita transformation blog

By Paul Thompson, Deloitte Digital EMEA Lead Partner

Digital is growing at an exponential rate and businesses that have been slow to embrace advances in technology are now in a race against time to ensure they remain competitive in an increasingly automated, online business environment.

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Management incentives - Valuation of growth shares

Growth Shares Blog1

By LyndsayMacGregor, Associate Director, Tax Valuations, Deloitte, UK

Over the past 15 or so years, we have seen many hundreds of companies implement equity incentives using ‘Growth Shares’. 

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Aberdeen’s future can draw on Manchester’s past

Blog - The future of Aberdeen

By Graham Hollis, Office Senior Partner, Deloitte, Aberdeen

Cities seldom stand still. They constantly evolve with the macro-economic landscape, the vagaries of architecture, and the plans of developers and town halls. But every now and then a significant period of transformation comes along, with profound effects on the city and its inhabitants.

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